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Making Lemonade

Mar 30, 2018

Oh hey Friday! Even though it’s raining… AGAIN, so happy that the weekend is here. Plus we’re going on Spring Break next week. Woo woo.

This week has been a busy but very fun. One of the highlights was hitting up the Gilt Pop-Up shop on Wednesday. If you follow on Instagram, you probably saw some of the stories from my shopping adventures but I wanted to give you all a full round-up and answer a couple questions I got from a bunch of you.

Here’s a little rundown:

  • The Pop-Up is in the Paddock Shops and is open daily. All the details are in this post. 
  • It’s smaller than the last few times I’ve been but still pretty huge.
  • They will be getting new items in daily or at least every couple days. When I was there, there was a huge curtain with tons of stuff behind it that they planned to roll out the next day. So expect new things often.
  • My biggest tip: Go in with a plan. If you’re in need of furniture, rugs, home goods – they have A TON. Go directly to that area and see if you can find something, then hit up the other sections.
  • Remember to mentally calculate the additional discount. Most items are an additional 60% off the price listed. Some are marked down even more.
  • My biggest score was sunglasses. I had to narrow down my picks to three and walked away with two pairs of Celine frames and a pair of YSL aviators. Each pair was like $35.
  • The shoe selection wasn’t as huge as in the past but there were still tons of big name designers. Some of the ones I spotted: Christian Louboutin, Loeffler Randall, Stewart Weitzman, Golden Goose sneakers, Valentino, Cole Haan (men’s), Frye, Hunter Boots… I could go on.
  • In the clothes section: CHECK FOR DEFECTS. I had a pair of Mara Hoffman shorts that I LOVED and carried around all night only to find out before checking out that the zipper was busted.
  • In the appliance section: PLUG ITEMS IN. This is a pro tip I got from a girl I met there. I ended up getting a T3 straightener but was worried it would be broken. This shopping guardian angel tipped me off to plug it in. So I unboxed it and gave it a go. It worked and I walked away with a $250 straightener for $40. If you can easily open it and plug it in, it’s worth it. The Gilt people won’t mind.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, try try again… but go early!  Like I said, new items will be coming in on the regular so get there when it opens to check out the new stuff.

Side note: feel free to make fun of me in these pics where I’m just sitting on the sidewalk of New Albany. Super casual, am I right? Just want you all to know that I know I look a bit ridiculous but hey, the angles were good… And this sweater needed its close up.

LUMIERE Lemon Sweater c/o Dress & Dwell 
Banana Republic Distressed Jeans
Madewell Flats | Loft Sunglasses
Fossil Minimalist Watch c/o
J.McLaughlin Romina Wicker Crossbody Bag

On this sweater really quickly… the minute I saw it at Dress & Dwell, I HAD TO HAVE IT. Obviously because of my business being called Lemonade but also because its the cutest. Lemons are so hot right now (imagine me saying that in the least sincere way ever) so they are everywhere so I am stocking up. Also, it’s all just so cute for summer. Those Old Navy shorts are too cute. May be grabbing those for our Disney trip and you already know I have the stripe tee with the lemon on it. 

Make Lemonade… 


Wicker Bags for Summer

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