Key Lime Pie in a Cocktail

In my dreams, the ones where I win the lottery and run away from home, I live in Key West. It involves lots of front porch swinging, bike riding, time on the water and, of course, cocktails. Key West is my happy place and as such, anything key lime related automatically makes my heart smile.

So imagine my reaction when I opened up a package from Blue Chair Bay – I’m partnering with them this summer on some fun cocktail recipes, more on that later – with a bottle of Key Lime Rum Cream. Um, yes please.

It tastes like Key Lime Pie in a glass. So good and just like key lime pie, not too sweet with just the right amount of tartness. And while I could have sipped it straight from the bottle, that might be a little aggressive.

Instead, I did what any key lime obsessed gal would do, naturally, I mixed it with key limeade to create one of the tastiest concoctions ever.  I mixed 2 parts of the Key Lime Rum Cream with 2 parts of the limeade, threw it in a stainless steel tumbler with ice and threw it straight in my pool bag. No really, last weekend at the pool I was walking around making everyone try it out. All to rave reviews obviously.

I was supposed to be working on a post for a cocktail but this super easy, crazy delicious combo was too good not to share. This weekend I’m thinking of trying to do a twist on a pina colada with it – so if that’s successful, I’ll be sure to do a whole post with the recipe. In the mean time, just grab a bottle of this next time you’re out shopping and be sure to snag some Key Limeade to mix it with, I like the Nellie & Joe’s kind best. 

Images by Tabitha Booth


Thanks to Blue Chair Bay Rum for partnering on this post. 





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