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Leather + Leopard

Nov 5, 2018

You guys, I was going to write a regular blog post but then I got on Twitter and saw the best news I’ve seen in YEARS. The Spice Girls are officially going out on tour in 2019. Click that link and go watch the video, I promise it will make your day. Don’t mind me, I’ll be over here refreshing my computer incessantly until they announce U.S. tour dates. They have to come to the states, right?!? RIGHT!?!

Here’s a fun fact that I should be embarrassed to share but my and my friends were beyond obsessed in middle school. We performed as them and sand “Spice Up Your Life” in the talent show, we dressed up for opening night of the movie and of . course, went in full costume to the concert (the first without Ginger Spice). Spice Girls were LIFE. And by were, I mean, ARE life. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else now… there goes my day of productivity.

But hey, here’s this outfit. My favorite part are these heels which are a great Dress & Dwell find. They’re under $40 when you use code LWW25 (p.s – it works on your entire purchase)… I’d tell you more about the whole thing but I’ve got old Spice Girls videos to watch.

Dress & Dwell Faux Leather Draped Jacket 
+ Leopard Heels (Under $40 +
additional 25% off  both with code LWW25)

AG Farrah Skinny Jeans | Abercrombie V-Neck Tee 

Leopard + Leather

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