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Let’s Talk Derby!

Mar 20, 2018

Feels a little crazy talking Derby when snow is in the forecast for later tonight but we’re going for it. Truth be told, it was all of 37 degrees when I took these pictures but the season is upon us and I’m pretty excited to start sharing hats, dresses and race day outfits galore.

I’m jumping in a little bit before getting my ducks in a row but I’m working on getting a Derby dress shop up on the blog plus I’m putting a link to old Derby posts so you can get all kinds of inspiration for this year’s looks. It’s funny to be starting with this dress since it’s a little reminiscent of what I wore to Derby last year (loved my Headcandi fascinator so so much, anyone want to buy it? It needs a new home).

The plan for this year is to share lots of styled looks along with the regular Dress of the Day features. So if you’re looking for ideas for a certain area of the track, feel free to email me – – and I’ll pull together some ideas for you. It’s one of my favorite things to work on, so don’t be shy!

This bright combo was pulled from the new Dress & Dwell Louisville Pop-Up shop and this dress is less than $60. Such a steal and something you can definitely get some wear out of after a day at the track. You all know that I normally break down where I would wear this at the track – outdoor boxes, Paddock, Jockey Club, Turf Club, etc. – but this look is a pretty versatile one that you could wear just about anywhere (except the infield – do not wear a dress like this in the infield). You can just swap out heels for wedges if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking or you could up your heel game if you’re somewhere fancier.

And let’s talk about this Headcandi piece. I love fascinators with height (obviously, if you saw what I wore last year) and this one has just enough to make an impact but not so tall that your feathers are bumping into other people (see: me last year). Plus it would pair really well with so many different dresses. Clearly I love navy too so it stole my heart. I can’t find this exact one on her site but if you want to request it, or have it made in another color combination, just message Britni and she’ll whip something up for you.

Dress & Dwell Talk Derby Floral Print Dress
Headcandi Navy Fascinator 
Banana Republic Lace-Up Heels (old)
Dagne Dover Mini Bag 
More Floral Dress Options:

Headcandi Fascinators:


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  1. Baili says:

    LOVE this look!

  2. Amanda J. says:

    I love it!!! So, so, so pretty. I’m also very excited to see what is to come. These get me so excited.

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