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Why I Love Fridays + Pure Barre Basics

Nov 4, 2016

Woop woop it’s Friday!

I used to love Fridays for all the obvious reasons – end of the work week, the prospect of cocktails with friends, sleeping in and doing whatever the F I felt like doing. With all these small people following me around, most of those activities have gone out the window or at least involve tracking down a babysitter to achieve. Now I love Fridays for an entirely different reason.

After Reese came along (and all the laundry she brought with her), I knew that I needed a day at home during the week. Enter the new Friday. For the last couple years, I’ve worked from home on Fridays and it has been a godsend. It’s the only day of the week where I’m guaranteed to have a couple hours to myself. More often than not, it’s filled with baskets of laundry and my DVR. I never thought I’d think that would be the makings of a great day but you won’t find me complaining.

As an only child, I grew up spending lots of time solo. Now that I have all these kids and more a managerial role at work, I’m generally not by myself a ton. And if I am at work, I’m usually hustling to check work to-do’s off the list. I sincerely miss having time to myself. Sometimes I get on a productive kick, other times I try to sneak in extra workouts, whatever it is though it’s the only day of the week I get to truly set my own schedule.

Today I’m spending it in this comfy combo from Pure Barre. Going to workouts has been great for my body but dangerous for my wallet because they have such a bomb selection of workout and lounge gear – like these Splits59 leggings and this cardigan. Seriously I’ll be lounging in the cardigan all weekend.  They are also one of the only places to carry Project Social t-shirts which are my absolute favorite (you’ve seen me in them here and here).

Current Elliott Basic White T-Shirt (such a good basic white tee)
Splits59 Leggings | Pure Barre Essential Wrap
All from Pure Barre Louisville 
Madewell Sunglasses | Superga Sneakers | Swell Waterbottle 
Photos by Hayley Grant

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