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Five I’ve Tried: Light and Bright Edition

Nov 7, 2016

Nothing like kicking off the week with a little beauty talk. And since I know we’re all dragging come Mondays, I’ve got a light and bright edition that features one of my favorite new pick me ups. Before I dive straight into the reviews, though, a couple items of housekeeping. First off, the giveaway for $500 to pad your pocket for holiday shopping ends on the 15th. Make sure to enter below if you haven’t had a chance to yet. Second, on the beauty side of things, I tried out Dollface Brows in Nulu over the weekend and it, no joke, changed my life. My brows look like I had a brow transplant. It’s a total transformation. Promise to share more this week because I can hardly contain my excitement. If you want to go ahead and give it a try, you can book here. But I promise to have the full review up this week.

If you’re new to the Five I’ve Tried reviews, here’s the scoop. Some of these products I got to try for free but I try a TON of products so the ones that make it here are the good ones, the ones I’ve been seriously using and the ones I think you all will dig. So for that reason, most of the reviews here are positive. Sometimes I try something out though and feel the need to put up a giant STOP sign to keep you from buying it but more often than not, I’m trying to share the good stuff. Over on Snapchat, I am a little more forthcoming on what I think is a total no-go, so follow me there (as long as you’re willing to stick through snaps of Reese doing random crap) for more of that kind of info. I try to share beauty stuff there and will be making an attempt to do more moving forward.

Pixi Beauty (1)

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist | Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Oil | Pixi Glow Tonic 
Pixi Clear Gloss | Cosmedix Pure C Crystals
  1. Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: I love this stuff although I’m not sure I am using it as it’s intended. I’m pretty sure it’s intended to be a regular moisturizer that you can use instead of a cream moisturizer. I’m not doing that.I use it in the mornings when I wake up for a little pick me up before going into my normal moisturizer and makeup routine. I like to spritz it on, then brush my teeth while it sinks in. My favorite is that it provides moisture and a little more oomph than, say, the Evian water spray. I also use it right when I get out of the shower, in the same manner – a quick spritz, then let it sink in while I’m getting dressed or blow drying my hair. It’s refreshing, moisturizing and not at all sticky. It sinks into the skin really quickly and provides a nice shot of moisture.

    To be totally honest, I’m not sure if it’s doing any of it’s “youth preserving” touted benefits but here’s hoping it is. I’m not necessarily recommending you go out and buy this right now but if you’re at Target and on one of those beauty binges (you know you’ve been there), you may want to throw it in your cart. I think it also can be bought as a set and if so, I highly recommend especially for the price.
    Grade: A
    Will I buy it/try it again? Yes – although I’m sure it will be as one of the aforementioned Target binges. It’s also great if you’ve been wanting to try out a mist moisturizer and don’t want to shell out $30+ bucks. This one is just $15 so it’s a great way to give the concept a try.

  2. Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Oil: A little bit of back story on this one. Earlier this year, in my 9-to-5 job, I worked on the Memorial for Muhammad Ali (thinking about sharing more on this at some point but still mulling it over). During that 10-day span, we worked some crazy long days and while our team could eat as non-Muslims, the memorial happened to fall during Ramadan when the clerics who worked with us were fasting. On one particularly long day, the Imam came in and shared with us his trick for staying alert and energized – Peppermint Oil. He carried a little bottle in his pocket and showed us all how to put a tiny drop in our hands, rub them together, cup them around our nose and inhale. It was MAGIC. Seriously, like you just drank a Red Bull, got slapped across the face and was thrown outside in the cold. A real eye opener. It was super energizing in a total natural way. Our team was hooked.After the memorial, I remembered the trick and knew it would come in handy on those mornings when I couldn’t bear to drag myself out of bed. I’ve been keeping this oil on my bathroom counter and added it to my regular routine. I get up, drink a gulp of water and then do a quick pop of peppermint oil. I’d say it’s the equivalent of a cold shower. I know essential oils are great for a lot of different things (RMO has a ton of good combos) but this one is, by far, my favorite and most effective.
    Grade: A+
    Will I buy it/try it again? 100%. I plan to keep a little bottle of this on my counter from now on.
  3. Pixi Glow Tonic: Believe the hype. This stuff is good.No joke, this is the third bottle of Pixi Glow Tonic that I’ve gone through since first giving it a try a year or so ago. I read all the glowing (no pun intended) reviews and knew I needed to give it a go. Obviously, I only half believed the hype because most things aren’t as great as they say, this one may be the exception. I love it. It’s similar to a toner but gentler and really does brighten your appearance, especially after using it consecutively for a few days. My skin looks brighter and more even. I really struggle with dull skin tone and this stuff is the only product I’ve used that made a visible difference, so much so that I notice when I stop using it. I use it after washing and toning my face. I like to make sure all makeup is off when I use it. I will say that I feel like you end up using a lot per application (I put it on a little cotton pad and apply) but it is worth it.Seriously, order this stuff now (it’s only $15 – or try this Best of Bright set) or make a point to grab it next time you’re at Target. It is that good. Just make sure to use it consistently (morning and night) and you’ll notice a difference.
    Grade: A++++
    Will I buy it/try it again? Oh hells yes. It is the best and I am about to pick up my fourth bottle (as you can see, this one is empty). 

Pixi Beauty (2)

4. Pixi by Petra Lip Lift Max: I know a lot of people swear by the MAC clear gloss; I would say this is it’s less expensive little sister. I received this to try as part of a set and immediately discarded the full-color options, instead choosing to add this one to my routine. As much as I love lipstick (and I do love it), for my lifestyle, it’s not an all-day everyday thing. For my more regular routine, I like to have a little color but nothing too bold or serious. Rather than add color lately, I’ve been using this. It bumps up your natural lip color and plumps up your lips. Not in the Real Housewives way but just a nice little bit of oomph.  It’s also not too tacky/sticky so your hair won’t be all hung up in it on a breezy day.

Clearly, I’ve also layered it over some of my more colorful lipsticks to finish off the glossy look and add a little something-something to my pout. I know matte is so hot right now but let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone and it’s a very specific look. This is a step up from a bare lip and it’s in my purse right next to my pens as an everyday essential.
Grade: B+ (only because the brush picks up and holds onto other lip color)
Will I buy it/try it again? To be determined. Again, I feel like this is something I’ll buy again on one of those whirlwind Target sprees but if you’re looking for a clear gloss, I would 100% recommend. It also comes in a couple natural colors if that’s more your speed.

5. CosMedix Pure C Vitamin C Mixing Crystals: Okay so this one is a little different but it’s something that I’ve loved adding to my routine. I’ve been trying out a lot of the CosMedix line and this is what I’ve really liked the most – especially because it can work with some of your current skin care routine.

So Vitamin C is great for your skin including protecting it from free radical damage as well as promoting the building of collagen and elastin. All stuff you want for your skin. This product is a potent Vitamin C powder that you mix in with your current serums or moisturizers to get the benefits. You just shake a little into your palm and then combine with your moisturizer. Then apply normally. It’s aimed at keeping your skin looking bright, full and free from sun spots and other damage.

I’ve been using it for a couple months now – although I don’t use it daily. They recommend using it 3-4 times a week or maybe every other day. I’ve definitely noticed a difference especially when I traveled for a week and didn’t take it with me. I’ve noticed it mostly in my lower eye, cheekbone region aka the area you want to look brighter. The best part: I’ve been using this for a couple months and still have TONS left. A little goes a long way so while the product is north of $50, it’s well worth it and will last for a long time.
Grade: A
Will I buy it/try it again? Yes, although I don’t see myself needing to buy a new container for at least a few more months.

So there you have it. If you have any specific questions on any of these, let me know in the comments. You can also check out previous Five I’ve Tried posts here. I’m still using these It Cosmetics goodies and loving them. I’m on tub #2 of the moisturizer.

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