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Reese’s Room Refresh

Sep 16, 2019

This post took me almost as long to put together as it did to accomplish in real life. Last year, we experimented with Blake and Reese sharing a room. I had big plans to make Blake’s room an office and had high hopes for the girls to bond like best friends in their shared space. And as you can see from the title of this post, clearly it didn’t work out.

We tried. We really did.

But it was a giant, utter failure. They kept each other up all night, woke each other up way too early, ate SO many snacks in their room and general caused all sorts of chaos.

So we had to call it and switch things back.

Modern Little Girl's Room * Black and White Kids Room

If you’ve been around here for a while, you may remember this post of Reese’s nursery. When we moved, I wanted to re-use most of the pieces, so we kept the color pallete the same – black and white with a girly pink undertone. A little more modern than the textbook little girl’s room, also something that can grow with her.

When we did the big switch back, I wanted to refresh things a little bit but not spend a fortune. So obviously I went to Target. I picked up some simple new bedding, these striped curtains and a couple little decorative pieces. You guys, these curtains are so nice and look like they are from West Elm or Serena & Lily. Granted, I didn’t get the really long ones but honestly, I’m happy they don’t go all the way to the floor. Reese had a tendency to hide food and other random stuff, like slime and Playdough, behind the curtains. This way, she has one less place to be sneaky.

Most of the other stuff was shopped from our house. This pillow used to be on our couch, this quilt was her crib quilt and the bedside table used to be in our master bedroom. I would definitely recommend hunting around in your house to find pieces to reuse in other parts of your house.

When we switched the girls back, I also got rid of tons of random toys and, frankly, junk. I got rid of everything they didn’t play with on the regular and everything that survived has a specific storage area. Now I can clean up her room in less than five minutes no matter how messy it gets.

I tried to link everything here but if I missed something, just drop me a note and I’ll hunt down the item for you!

Black & White with Pink All Over 
Bed –

Metal Framed Bed – Hand Me Down, Very Similar Here
Bedding: Target Opal House Bedding + Spotted Sheets | Safevieh Pillow 
Ballerina Stuffed Doll | Pottery Barn Unicorn Plush + Labradoodle Plush
Geometric Blanket 

Bedside Table –

West Elm Campaign Bed Stand | Target Pillowfort Star Globe Light 
Rifle Paper Flamingo Print 

Miscellaneous –

Target Round Mirror
Target Opalhouse Stripe Tassel Curtains

Modern Little Girl's Room * Black and White Kids Room

Shop the Room 

Black, White and Pink Modern Little Girls Room

Black and White Little Girls Room

Black and White Little Girls Room

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