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Favorite Things: Tea Time Anytime with Pique Tea

Jan 26, 2016

Anyone else out there still sticking with your New Year’s resolutions? I make mine pretty simple so they’re a lot more attainable, it’s kind of cheating but hey, they’re my resolutions so I do what I want.

Today’s post is helping me with a couple of my bigger goals on a small level – 1. spending less, saving more, eliminating debt and 2. getting back to eating vegan before 6 p.m. (based on reading this book after having Reese to help get back in shape and trying to make it more of a lifestyle this year).

Here’s the thing though – the whole ‘vegan before 6 pm’ thing is a killer for my daily coffee routine. I love a good Flat White but it has a ton of milk which doesn’t make the cut, plus it’s a pricey habit so I’ve tried to cut back significantly in the new year. When I got the opportunity to try out Pique Tea, I was all about giving it a try. Sometimes when I get opportunities, I immediately think ‘nah not for me’ but with this one, I was game. Save money and get my daily caffeine fix? Yeah, I’ll definitely give it a go.

Here’s the difference with Pique Tea, and the main thing I love about it, they’re tea crystals instead of teabags or loose leaf tea. They come in little individual packets that are similar to the Propel or Crystal Light ones. I’m a big fan of this because they’re easy to grab and go and I’ve started tucking a couple in my bag so that I have them at work in the mornings. Side note: it doesn’t hurt that their packaging is clean and sleek plus it comes wth this pretty glass – all of which make it feel more aspirational, like I’m living in some sort of pretty instagram feed when make a cup.

You just drop them into your glass, pour in hot water and they dissolve almost immediately – so not a lot of waiting around for your tea to steep. I’ve loved all the flavors I’ve tried so far especially the black tea. I love black tea, mostly for the big caffeine boost but some brands are so strong that they give me a stomach ache – Pique’s is delicious (I add a Splenda – I’m not that hardcore) and gives me that little boost without making my stomach hurt. Now I keep a supply of all my favorites at home and work for easy access.

Last but not least, I love how on the back of the packages it tells you the level of caffeine in each flavor. In the mornings, I grab the Earl Grey or Black Tea; if I need a pick me up in the afternoons I go for the Green Tea. And since I can’t have a glass of wine at night as often now, I’ve started making a cup of tea in the evenings to help wind down.

If you want to give Pique Tea a try, you can get a free trial for a week’s supply that includes all five flavors (14 total sachets) by heading over here. 


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pique Tea. All opinions and random ramblings are my own. As always, I only share products and services that I love and think you all will too. Plus little projects like this help me keep the blog up and running. 

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  1. Chelcey Tate says:

    I’m honestly stoked to give this a try! I hate dealing with tea bags that just make it SO strong … I love black tea, but the super bitter and strong flavor is just not for me at all. Thanks for sharing, lady!

    Chelcey |

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