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Outfit Post: Summer Stripe Dress

Jul 11, 2016

This weekend went by too fast. I’m sure a lot of you are like, “whatever, you’re on maternity leave – isn’t every day the weekend?” And to that I say, I wish. With two other small fries to deal with there hasn’t been much sleeping in or leisurely days. I will say it is significantly less stressful than a day at the office though so while the weekend may be over, at least I am not behind a desk… yet. Two more weeks and counting. Tear.

Speaking of work, I bought this striped dress a few weeks back when I had to head back in to work for the Ali project and had absolutely no work appropriate clothes that fit post-baby. Cue an emergency run to the mall for work pants and tops that covered up the mid-section. This J.Crew stripe dress made it into the mix but I didn’t end up wearing that week at work. Instead I’ve been grabbing it whenever I just don’t feel like (or more accurately, it’s just too damn hot for) jeans.  It’s crazy comfy but makes you look like you’ve got it together (or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking). Better yet, it’s one of those closest staples that will easily transition to fall with booties and a knit cardigan. Best news of all, it’s on sale. It comes in a white/navy combo that I am thinking of snatching up.

Keeping it short today so I can catch up on all the laundry I let fall on the wayside over the weekend but I’d be a jerk friend to let this post go by without mentioning the opening of SET at Theatre Square downtown on 4th street, right across from The Palace. We had a chance to check it out on Friday before it opens on July 18th thanks to my friend/colleague Joey Wagner, who is one of the owners. We tried as much as our table would hold (no joke, one of the runners jokingly gave us a hard time about all the stuff we tried) and it was all amazing. My favorites – the chicken and waffles, slugger sliders (they come on a platter made out of a Louisville Slugger bat) and the Kings Hawaiian Bread Pudding.

If you’re in Louisville, make plans to stop in sometime this summer. Or stop in for drinks before or after a show at The Palace or Mercury Ballroom, they’ll have DJ’s playing every night and the drinks are really good (and not all bourbon based/themed). We tried the Moscow Mule and the ‘Run All Night’ which was a fancier vodka/Red Bull – it’s a mix of ruby red grapefruit vodka and yellow Red Bull (which is surprisingly so so good) plus a couple other ingredients I don’t remember. So good.

J. Crew Striped T-Shirt DressJ. Crew Striped T-Shirt Dress * Denim Jacket J.Crew Striped T-Shirt Dress | Paige Denim Jacket (old, similar here) | White Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers | Ray-Bans c/o Ditto (get your first month of sunglasses free with code LOUWHATWEAR)
More Striped Dresses: 

J. Crew Striped T-Shirt Dress + Denim JacketWhite Superga Sneakers J. Crew Striped T-Shirt Dress
Stripes and Superga Sneakers * J.Crew Stripe Dress

Denim and Stripes * J.Crew Stripe DressPhotos by Whitney Neal 

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