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Outfit Post: The Color Purple

Jan 18, 2013

If my life had a uniform, this would be it. Skinny pants, silk blouse and blazer. It’s my go-to. But since I know uniforms can get boring, I try to add in new elements to this standard look to make it a little more exciting. Enter these purple pants.

I picked them up from the dry cleaners and knew that they were destined for another Lucky Magazine outfit inspiration post (Are you all getting tired of these yet? Hopefully not, we’re only half way through the month. I promise to use new sources of inspiration next week!). I used a little from each of these looks to pull together this look.

Also, I switched it up with some {unplanned} indoor pictures. I had kind of given up on taking pictures of this look but after my coffee date with the adorable Beth of seersucker + saddles (more on that below), she convinced me to make it happen. Making it happen meant settling for some indoor pics taken by Drew. So enjoy the look at my little closet nook!

p.s. – Meeting Beth was like meeting a long-lost friend. After following her blog since shortly after she launched it last Spring and corresponding back and forth, I felt like I already knew her but woah was that magnified on our little blogging date. I’m an even bigger fan and I’m so excited about some projects we want to start collaborating on. Meeting really interesting and cool people like her are one of my favorite things about running this little side project. Sorry for gushing but I couldn’t help it! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you need to.

Lucky Magazine (February) Inspiration

Blazer: Gap (sold out – similar here); Silk Tie-Blouse: Banana Republic (old but I think Banana always has the best silk blouses at affordable prices – like this one –  hands down); Minnie Pants: J.Crew; Heels: Target; Watch: Coach (old)

Get the Look:

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love that pink pout with the look 🙂

  2. beth parker says:

    You’re the sweetest, kid!! Thank Heavens you captured this look although I’m going to state publicly it doesn’t do your damn long legs justice!!! I can’t wait for our next date—it was just all too fun to not do again ; )


  3. Jess says:

    I spent 6 months in Louisville with my husbands job and it’s such a great city. It’s nice to visit your blog and be reminded of the city. I’m wondering, seems like you often wear Target shoes…are they comfortable? I was there yesterday and thought about buying a pair…seriously less than $9 who can pass, right…but just wondering about comfort.
    Thanks for your blog!

    • Danielle says:

      hi jess! i’m glad you can get a little reminder of louisville here!
      yeah, I like Target’s shoes a lot. They’re good for the more trendy styles because they obviously aren’t going to last forever but are nice enough quality to last throughout a few seasons and are pretty comfortable.
      I’ve never had a pair that I had to get rid of because of comfort.

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