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Pastel Pink + Flowers

Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

I know this holiday is a little silly and over commercialized but I think any chance you get to give chocolate and tell people you love them, you should take it. If I could give you all chocolate, I totally would but since I can’t I’ll just let you all know how much I appreciate all the support, random emoji messages, feedback, follows, notes and more. You all are the best.

Normally I’d be up to my ears in chocolate chip cookies and candy hearts but this year, we’re on our way to Mexico! Woo woo. Bring on the warm weather and sunshine. But don’t throw rocks at me or call me a bunch of names (I totally understand if you want to though), Drew’s company does a reward trip every year which is why we’re heading south. So yes, I know it’s super obnoxious that I’m heading out on another trip (I’m planning a Sea Island recap ASAP) but it’s just the way it worked out this year.

Traveling on back-to-back weeks has me a little stressed out, especially with things over at work, but there’s no way I’m sitting out on a free vacation. And three days isn’t that long so off we go!

Before we get into this outfit and why you need one of these jackets… I am planning a good giveaway later over on Instagram. If you have kids, you’re going to want to check it out. Hint: It’s related to the last time I took a trip with Reese & Drew.

Okay, so last year everyone on the internet got this jacket. I wanted one but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. Just a little steep for me for something I wasn’t sure I’d wear all the time. Then I saw this one in pink at Dress & Dwell and at way under $100, I was willing to give it a try. Now I wear it non-stop and ended up getting the beige one today. It’s really great for these weird end of winter days when it’s freezing in the morning but not as cold in the afternoon. I throw a coat on over it when I leave the house and then ditch it when it warms up.

And I say you need to treat yourself because they are having a Valentine’s Day sale today with 25% off your entire purchase (use code GALENTINE online), pretty sure you need one of these. Oh and in full disclosure, this post isn’t sponsored but they are one of our clients at Lemonade but if you’ve been following here for a while you know I loved d&d way before I ever started working with them.

Dusty Rose Suede Biker Jacket from Dress & Dwell
ZARA Embellished Tee
Ann Taylor Joggers
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers

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