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Red, White and Bright

Feb 21, 2018

Filed under things I’m no longer good at: blogging.

I feel like I’m always popping on here to be like, I am terrible at this lately and yup, here I am again. Cue the broken record.

But oh well, I am going to keep making promises to myself to make it happen over here. I’m sure I’ll be breaking them more often than not but Derby season is surprisingly soon so I am trying to get in a groove before then. And I feel like Spring is really my season. Winter, not so much. Which is why I am jumping the gun a little with this outfit. This jacket though – it’s just too good.

With the temps going into the 70’s, I’ve decided to clean out my closet this weekend, get rid of the old and switch over to spring. Does anyone else hate getting dressed in winter? I love dressing up for the holidays but after that it’s all jeans + sweater + boots/sneakers, rinse & repeat. I’ve been trying to stick with my tips to avoid a winter style rut but I’m admittedly struggling right now, especially after getting a taste of warmer weather the past couple weeks.

So for now, I’m hoping that the weather stays on the warmer side so that I can keep breaking out the heels and brighter basics. And since I found both these heels and this jacket on sale, I’ve pulled some similar options so you can also pretend that Spring is already here.

ZARA Seersucker Embroidered Jacket (similar here)
J.Crew Basic Tee | J.Crew Lookout High-Rise Denim (40% off today)
Banana Republic Red Heels (almost exactly the same here)
Old Navy Leopard Belt | J.Crew Sequin Drop Earrings

Okay and I can’t post this jacket without mentioning that I took these pictures WITH the security tag still on it. I ordered it on sale, got it, excitedly hung it up and then forgot about it since it was mid-January. Then when I went to put it on, I realized the security tag was still on it making me look like a preppy shoplifter. Zara offered to allow me to send it off so they could remove it, but I’m just going to pull it off with an array of tools at home, like the preppy shoplifter I am. So if you catch a glimpse of it in these pics, that’s what you’re looking at. My b.

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