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Pure Barre for Dummies or How I Learned to Stop Being Initimidated and Love the Shake

Sep 16, 2016

For years I have been scared of Pure Barre. I blame it on the strong mix of jealousy and fear of the amazingly lithe bodies of women clad in more Lululemon that I could imagine plus my inability to do any kind of workout that doesn’t involve running around like a Golden Retriever chasing a rabbit.

This fear has kept me from walking anywhere near that red P out of fear that the instructors will spot my complete lack of ‘life, tuck, burn’ abilities and turn me away at the door. Okay, I know that is totally ridiculous but we’re in the trust tree right now so I’m spilling all my work out fears.


The thing is, my entire life I’ve been a cardio queen. Running, done. Jumping jacks for minutes on end, I got this. Spin class, let’s ride. Zumba, let’s shake it. Hold a squat on my tippy toes for more than 10 seconds, hard pass.

I’ve been politely declining invitations and encouragements to try it out for years but after my third c-section and the post-baby body that accompanied it, I was game to give just about anything a try. I’ve seen those Pure Barre ladies pool side and that toned look was giving me all the #goals. I figure, I am an adult woman who works on a daily basis with snarky reporters, demanding clients and three tiny dictators under the age of 5 – surely I can conquer my fear of a work out class.

The studio

It took a push from my friend Andrea but I’m glad I went for it. I think it also helps that I had a friendly face as my first instructor – my gal Madison –  and went to a brand new studio that had a healthy mix of newbies and toned bodies.


I’ve been going to the new Cherokee Park studio (on Lexington Rd next door to Le Moo) which is ridiculously nice – from all the girls that work there to the gorgeous set-up. It’s in an old auto shop so it has garage doors that let in so much light. Even when I’ve dreaded the class, I’ve been excited about being in the space.

All the gear is new and the team there understands there are a lot of new faces in the mix. My first time I got a full walk through from Jamie who filled me in on what weights and equipment we’d be using and where to find it, while also giving me a quick cliffs notes on what to expect. Oh and p.s. – you need sticky socks for the classes, you can buy them there or you can find options here. 

The Class

When it comes to the class, I knew to expect a lot of shaking and self-doubt. Basically I’m convinced that I’m constantly doing it wrong. This leads me to find the pro in every class and pay close attention to their form (i’ve also spent more time than I’d like to admit looking at these intro details). Sometimes it helps but most of the time I’m left wondering if my awkwardly long arms are keeping me from proper form. Then all of a sudden I realize my legs are shaking uncontrollably and I’m forced to focus on that instead.


As far as the actual flow, each class is broken down into segments where you focus on a different area of the body – arms, legs and thighs (the true killer), abs and seat work (aka how you get that good booty). I’ve yet to make it through a class without breaking in every single category but I can say I’m seeing a little progress in my ability to pulse, tuck and squeeze.

Every time I want to quit (which is often), I force myself to look at the instructor and her super toned body to motivate me to hold that pulse a little longer.

The Aftermath

Here’s the thing, I’m usually dying and counting down the minutes in every class but at the end I always feel so good. It really has been an exercise where I can feel the difference. It could be on account of my never doing something like this before (that good old muscle memory has no point of reference) but I’m accrediting most of it to the workout.

I’ve also left leaving excited to come back and try it again. Now I’ve got the app on my phone and started scheduling classes 1-2 times a week. I’m still a little nervous about lifting, toning and burning with the big dogs at the more tenured studios in The Summit (or whatever it’s called now – The Paddock Shops) and Westport Road but I’m thinking I’ll be ready to give it a go soon.

I’m working with the Pure Barre Louisville team to possibly do a Lou What Wear night so fellow scared newbies can give it a try in a #safespace. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested! I’ll keep everyone posted on details once we get it nailed down. Or if you’re ready to give it a try – sign up for a class here. They’re also offering a new client special – $99 for the first month of unlimited classes. 

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored but Pure Barre Louisville did provide me with free classes to try out the experience. I’m hooked and have already purchased my first pack of classes so I’m not just talking the talk. 

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  1. Tara says:

    I love the idea of trying it out with a bunch of fellow newbies!

  2. Winkie Dawkins says:

    I’d love to try it

  3. Laura says:

    I’d love to try! It just seems so intimidating!

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  6. […] how I told you I’ve been trying not to embarrass myself at Pure Barre in my quest to tone up? I got a lot of comments from friends and readers who were interested in […]

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