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Vest Obsessed

Sep 20, 2016

I love a good vest. The number of vests in my closet is a little absurd. Frankly, the number of posts about vests on this blog is absurd too. There’s no shame in my vest game though. It’s like my stripe obsession – sorry i’m not sorry.

I stumbled upon this little pretty when I was looking for a link from one of my other favorite vests (this one). It was like vest kismet. Okay, not really but you get the point.

How freaking cute is it? I don’t feel like I normally buy items where people are like “I want that EXACT piece” but this one may be the exception. Blush, suede and pretty little fringe. Obsessed. The best part, it’s from Target, is less than $40 plus it comes in a tan color. Yup, no lie. It’s from your favorite place to drop an absurd amount of money on crap you don’t need when all you went in for are paper towels. It’s like a little gift from the vest gods (those don’t exist but if they did, they’d be all over this).

Besides vests, lately I’ve been really obsessed with podcasts so if you have any good ones – particularly ones that are super funny, true crime related or serials (not like the actual podcast Serial but ones that are one long story) – let a pal know about it in the comments.

That’s all I’ve got today because I am exhausted and work is slowly ruining all my free time which is why I’m trying to knock this out real quick. Stay tuned though for more details on the Lou What Wear +  Pure Barre newbie class (thanks for all the feedback and interest in a class) – we’re nailing down a date this week!

Faux Suede Fringe Vest in Blush from Target | Caslon White T-Shirt | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans | Sole Society Romy Navy Boots | Dagne Dover 15-Inch Tote in Pale Pink Stingray

p.s. – I know I only talked about this vest above but this white t-shirt is as close to a perfect white tee as I’ve found. I have it in like three different colors. It’s a solid Nordstrom find and a good random addition to the online shopping cart.

Images by Danielle Martin – Ch. 25 Photography

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