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Required Reading: Kicking it Off

Jan 9, 2016

Let’s all pat ourselves on the back for making it through the first work week of the year. I will say it was nice to get back in the swing of things at work but at home, we were all out of whack. Our house is on the market and as much as I love people looking at it, showings are a royal pain in the butt, especially with two kids. We had evening showings two times this week which meant some super healthy dinners for us at Chick-fil-a and W.W. Cousins, really great for that ‘let’s be healthy in the new year’ plan. I’m also pretty sure my kids are going to kill me in my sleep if I keep hiding their toys from them and following them around like a Merry Maid cleaning up behind them.

Basically, if someone could buy our house, it would be awesome.


As far as the week ahead, we’re packing up the crew and going to Miami on Wednesday for a long weekend. It will be my first time in home in more than two years, so I’m pretty excited. Well, except for the flight. If anyone has any tips for traveling with a wild animal/18 month old – send them my way. If not, just check out some of my favorite links of the week.

* Photographer Michelle Gardella’s post about Instagram and social media perfection really hit home with me. I can especially relate to the part about sharing photos of kids and the hunt to be the most visually pleasing person to walk the earth. It can be kind of exhausting.

* One of my New Year’s goals was to take a hand lettering class, I’ve signed up for one on Jan. 31 (at Papersource in St. Matthews if any one wants to join). To prep I’m trying to read up on all the tips, this intro from The Postmans Knock is now bookmarked.

* How pretty is this pastel coat on Kimberly {Penny Pincher Fashion}? You’ll be amazed to see where it’s from (plus there’s a giveaway you can enter).

* I know we talked about workout essentials yesterday but I couldn’t help sharing this round up of fitness gear from Lauren {PR Blonde}. The ‘You Can’t Spin With Us‘ water bottle is calling my name.

* Coveting this entire look – especially the drapey jacket.

* Do you follow Blair {The Fox and She} on Instagram? If not, you should. Obsessed with her laid-back style. Polished, chic and inspirational but not in that unattainable way. Her outfits have me rethinking basics in my own closet. Plus her dog is adorable. 

* Every one is talking about Making a Murderer (and yes, I binge watched it and then went down a Reddit black hole) but you all NEED to watch The Man in the High Castle. It’s SO good.

* Check out Tina Fey’s new apartment. I want to go to there.  


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