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Sharing the Sunshine with Cuties

Dec 12, 2017

Does anyone else hate packing lunch everyday? Not going to lie, it’s not one of my favorite kid-related chores, although I think the phrase ‘favorite kid-related chores’ is an oxymoron. But here’s the thing. Reese L-O-V-E-S making her lunch. She loves her rainbow lunchbox, loves all the little containers and loves picking out all her favorite snacks. She hates the alternative so much that it’s not even worth broaching the subject with her. I don’t need that kind of stress added to my morning.

So when it comes to lunch packing, I like to keep it simple. I need to be able to throw it in there in about two seconds flat since that’s about all the time I’m usually working with and I don’t want Reese to see it and protest. There’s no time for that. So if there’s one thing that’s a constant in our lunch making routine, especially this time of year, it’s adding a Cutie (don’t act like you don’t get hype when you see them back in stock).

For this mildly lazy and always running late mom, I can’t deny that packing one is easy but since they are like little delicious candies, there are no complaints from the peanut gallery. I get to pat myself on the back for packing fresh fruit, Reese actually eats what I pack her. Win, win.

But we’re not here just to talk about our lunch-making routine (as incredibly exciting as it sounds) but to talk about Cutie’s 100 Days of Sunshine campaign. Since we all know we can’t help but smile when eating a Cutie, they’re asking for all of us to help share that sunshine by sharing Cuties. Not like hitting the share button but for real, sharing an actual Cutie with an actual person.

My Reese girl loves bringing things to share at school almost as much as she loves packing her lunch so she was game to get in on the challenge. We decided that for our first day of sharing, we’d pack an extra Cutie for her teacher. We thought this was simpler than packing 14 to share with the whole class or making her have to decide on her “favorite friend” of the day. Yes, she has those and they change daily. Three year olds can be fickle friends.

Reese is packing up her bite size piece of happiness tomorrow to share with Ms. Mindy. We’ve already talked about it for days (you guys, she talks SO MUCH, like she NEVER STOPS talking) so I’m happy she’s finally getting to follow through on her plan. And she’s got big plans for her part in sharing the sunshine – most notably getting Ms. Mindy to open both oranges since she still hasn’t quite mastered opening a Cutie on her own. Although I’m not looking forward to when she masters that skill since it will surely mean they’ll be all gone before I even have a chance to grab one. ‘Cause duh, I love packing a Cutie in my bag too.

But seriously, this world right now is ridiculous. So if doing something as simple as sharing a piece of fruit (albeit one of the most delicious fruits ever) will make someone’s day, why not give it a try? And then why not actually sit down and enjoy them together, dare I say, without phones or other distractions. I’ve been trying to do this more with all my meals and it’s no surprise that they’re always more enjoyable than the scroll on my phone.

Want to get in on the 100 Days of Sunshine? Head over to Instagram and follow @cutiescitrus for more details.

Thanks so much to Cuties for partnering on this post. 

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