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Getting In the Holiday Spirit * Vineyard Vines Christmas PJs

Dec 11, 2017

How do you all feel about Christmas pj’s? I mean, I don’t think anyone is intense as this crew but are you into the entire family matching or everyone going their own way? I’m generally more of the latter although Reese & Blake do have a pair of matching Minnie Mouse pjs and I think it’s pretty darn cute when they’re both wearing them.

Usually we’ve just gone the route where the kids get matching jammies and then I con my mom into buying me a pair when we do our annual last minute Christmas shopping trip. But this year, we got hooked up in a big way by Vineyard Vines. This post is totally not sponsored but they did send over these pjs and ultimately made it possible for me to get a Christmas card picture taken before passing the point of no return. That in and of itself was a true Christmas miracle.

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For Dad…

For Mom…

For Boys…

For Girls…

For the Little Ones…

Me: Santa Whale Pima Cotton Set
Drew: Santa Whale & Tree Lounge Pants | Downhill Ski Long Sleeve Tee
Reese: Santa Whale & Tree Pants | Santa Whale Tee
Blake: Whale Tail Zip Footed Onesie

Can we talk about Blake’s face in all these pictures? She wasn’t having it. To be honest though, I am pretty proud of her mastery of RBF. Oh and clearly Drew couldn’t make it for the pics since we had to shoot these in the middle of the day because it gets dark at like 3 pm these days. Okay, that’s an exaggeration but it feels like it some days. Nothing like picking your kids up early for blog pics.

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  1. Slim says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Christmas pics of u and the kiddles. You all make me proud to be an old stove grandpa. Yes, indeed!

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