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Shopping: A Colorful Christmas

Nov 25, 2013

Last week it was all silver and gold but today it’s a bright and cheery holiday gift guide.

Even if you’re not the color queen, a little burst of bright color can bring a smile to any day. I love the thought of seeing these bright colors pop out of holiday wrapping paper – definitely a way to make an impact with a gift. No matter what your budget you can add a little color to your gift giving.

I’ve compiled some options that will hit the spot for the colorful gal on your holiday list.

a colorful christmas
Pink Toboggan:  Perfect for pink-obsessed niece.
Fugimax Instant Camera: For your instagram obsessed little brother (let him take some real pictures).
Bright Blue Flats: Ladylike and bright. Give them to your classy and colorful mother-in-law.Yellow Kitchen-Aid Mixer: Chip in with some family and get it for your baking obsessed older sister. (Sweet treats will be sure to follow!)
Weiner Dog Print: Doesn’t everyone have a weiner dog-obsessed friend? (I know I do!) They’ll love it and you’ll love the price.
Colorful Tech Ready Gloves: Keep your fingers toasty and text? Yes please. Pick up two or three of these for great girlfriend gifts or give them to your kiddos teacher. She’ll love them for those extra chilly recess breaks.
Pretty Pouches: Your colorful co-worker will love these as their Secret Santa gift.
Sparkling Sage Necklace: Your mom will love this glam green sparkler. A holiday gem that will last long after the tree is down.
Pink Crystal Earrings: Your glam best pal will love these sparklers.
Stripe Sock Set: A bright addition to boots for the college gal in your life.
Cheery Cherry Boots: Your little sister needs to get to class warm and dry. These boots will do the trick.
Silk PJ Shorts: Lounging ladies will love these festive shorts.
Rich and Royal Color Crossbody Bags: Your favorite aunt will love these luxe ladylike bags.

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  1. Jodie says:

    So. wiener dog obsessed friend here. I am a little embarassed to say….i already own that print. Framed in the spare bedroom. haha. its a disease. BUT ITS A SUPER CUTE PRINT

  2. AJ says:

    I ADORE that doxie print! And those silk shorts look so cute.


  3. I love those color crossbody bags. I agree, colors make everything better especially during the holidays. I just got my niece the most colorful collegigate bedding for her dorm. I hope it brings a little life to her all gray dorm. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are great items, the wiener dog print to to cute! I just got a bunch of little things like this from Deal Dash. Got half of my Christmas shopping done, YAY! I am going to have to get that dog print for my friend Dana. She would get a kick out of this!

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