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Shopping + Inspiration: The Perfect White T-Shirt

Oct 1, 2013

One thing I am constantly on the hunt for is a great white t-shirt. Plain, I know, but so versatile, so effortless,  so simple and great. They go with everything. Prints, plain jeans (my favorite look), skirts, shorts, trousers. It’s your closet’s swiss army knife.

When you find a great white t-shirt, my advice would be to buy at least two of them. You know those suckers are just magnets for stains and I inevitably get so bummed when my favorite tee gets a drop of makeup, ketchup or any other deadly stain on it.

One of my favorite white shirts has moved from its top priority spot to the work-out tees drawer since it’s started to look a little dingy and old. Now begins the quest for my next great t-shirt.

white tee * white shirt * jeans and a t-shirt
Obviously it’s not too hard to pull of the white t-shirt look when you’re one of these beauties. But if you just search white t-shirt on pinterest, you’ll find tons of everyday inspiration along with some famous faces mixed in. I’m narrowing down my options on which tee will take the coveted top spot on my stack of shirt but there’s a strict criteria to make it. It’s gotta be v-neck, a little slouchy but not too sloppy, thin but not shear and most importantly, soft. Here’s what I’m choosing between.

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  1. Jaclyn says:

    I just want a white shirt I dont have to wear a cami under!This DOES NOT EXIST!! I hate layering!!!! Have you ever come across one??

  2. AJ says:

    I know several bloggers that swear by Everlane tees. I haven’t tried them myself yet but apparently they are comfy, soft, not see through…essentially everything a perfect tee should be. Check them out!


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