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Simple Mix

Oct 25, 2016

Now that fall has decided to stick around, I’ve moved my plaid button downs into heavy rotation.  So if you see me out somewhere, chances are I’ll be wearing some variation of this combo or this one from last week. For work, they’re tucked in with loafers, a structured stacked heel boot or simple heels. On the weekends, it’s layered with a light tee and paired with sneakers or slouchy boots. Basic? Yes. Comfortable? Definitely. Easy? The easiest. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I might even throw on a hat but that’s most likely to be met by jeers of “Hey Carmen Sandiego!” from Drew. So I guess it depends on whether I’m feeling up to dealing with the ribbing.

On another note, we snapped these pics at Scarlet’s Bakery in Shelby Park which is ridiculously cute and may have the best cinnamon roll ever (the cream cheese icing is crazy delicious, I just wanted to order a scoop of icing, which I know is disgusting but I don’t care). Even better than the sweet treats, though, is the mission behind the bakery. It was created as a way to give exploited and trafficked women an opportunity to return to the workforce, gain job skills and get back on their feet. So when you’re craving something sweet or need cookies or treats for a party, give them a call. Definitely eliminates any guilt you might feel after buying an entire box full of sweets.

Lastly, do you all have any good Halloween costume recommendations? Once again we’ve waited to the last minute to throw something together. Usually, we’re able to come up with something mildly clever or fun. Last year we were Jessie Spano and AC Slater. We’ve also done a Twister Board, Peggy & Al Bundy and Charlie Brown and Lucy – so we’re really all over the place but willing to be something ridiculous. So if you have any tips, leave ’em in the comments.

J.Crew Plaid Buttondown | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans
Madewell Leopard Flats (Seen Before Here) | J.Crew Leopard Belt
Dagne Dover Blush 15-Inch Tote  c/o
Give Me All the Plaid

Images by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photo

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