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Dreaming of Palm Trees * Minted Art Prints

Oct 22, 2016

This post is long overdue but I FINALLY (!!!!) hung up our new print from Minted. You may remember this post where I narrowed down my picks for a piece of statement art to hang above in our master bedroom. I wanted something calming, a little colorful and clearly was leaning toward something that reminded me of home. After a lot of back and forth and even letting Drew weigh in, the winner was {drumroll}….

Minted 'Upside' Art Print (2)‘Upside’ by Alexandra Nazari 

We went with the upside down palm tree print called ‘upside’ by Alexandra Nazari. One of the things I love about Minted is that you get to see and learn more about each individual artist – it’s not just a site full of anonymous art. Their art selection is full of original pieces by artists from around the world. Plus, if you end up falling in love with one of their pieces, you can browse through their other work to see if anything else catches your eye. It’s a great way to start building an art collection and feels like the next step up from posters and more mass produced art.

If you’re looking to do a gallery wall but don’t know where to start, or have a piece you want to build around, they can help. They offer art styling to help you put together the gallery wall you’re envisioning but can’t quite figure out. Thinking about enlisting their help in Blake’s room.

Minted 'Upside' Art Print (3)

By far the best part of the process, though, was the fact that the piece came framed and ready to hang. You can select the print size and frame of your choice and then it arrives on your doorstep all ready to go. I procrastinated hanging it up but was kicking myself once I finally unpacked the print. No joke, it took me 15 minutes to get it out of the box, measure the space and hang up the print. Not sure what I was waiting for. 
Minted 'Upside' Art Print (4)
Despite the fact that our bedroom is nowhere near being completely put together, I can’t help but get a twinge of happiness whenever I walk in and see it. Getting this print up has inspired me to get the rest of our room together. Thinking a rug is up next.

p.s. – I had this great plan to take some solid, yet somewhat staged, blog pics of me relaxing on my bed under the print. I got everything all set up (took me way longer than I’d like to admit) and was ready to go… then I couldn’t find the right lens for my camera and the whole thing went up in smoke. Basically, the story of my life to have everything ALMOST together but just one thing is missing. 

More Minted Favorites (Seriously, I want all of these):

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  1. Love the print and the headboard! We have the same throw and lamps in our bedroom… I think 99% of our home decor comes from Target.

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