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The Easiest Summer Outfit

Jul 25, 2019

Where has this week gone? How is it Thursday? I mean, I’m not mad but it just feels like this week has flown by. I still have too much to do for it to be Thursday.

I should catch you up on my life but instead can we talk about my favorite reality TV? Did you all watch The Bachelorette? I’ve been feeling mostly meh about this season because Luke P. may be, in true Chris Harrison hyperbole, the most exhausting contestant in Bachelor history plus  I’m fairly certain we’ll be seeing him on a Dateline mystery at some point. But last week’s episode when Hannah moved that rose table forward was epic. I’ve never been so proud of a stranger before. Well that’s a lie, I am always so proud of the strangers featured on Steve Hartman’s stories on CBS Sunday Morning (old lady alert) so I guess I should restate that I’ve never been so proud of a character on my garbage TV shows before.

That being said, this season has taken a toll on our girl Hannah. She is a babe but you can tell all the champagne and chauvinism has worn her out. I feel like a producer needed to push back her call time a couple hours and bring her a big gulp of water. Also, I’m not sure why her stylist raided Britney Spears’ closet of floral crop tops on plastic hangers and denim short shorts but that look needs to go. Or maybe that’s what the kids are into these days and Britney truly has come full circle.

Speaking of Britney, I know I need to do an IG story catch up on all she’s been up to lately. Brit Brit is on the MOVE. This has its upside and downside though. Upside is that she’s getting out of that Las Vegas McMansion she’s been locked up in like Rapunzel. I’m happy she’s getting to socialize and interact with people other than Sam and the ladies that organize her array of Soffee shorts but on the downside, I don’t think she’s ready quite yet. That dress she wore to the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood premier was tough stuff. She looked like she was going to the 2006 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards or to one of Hannah’s Rose Ceremonies. Either way, not her best look. Sam, on the other hand, was looking like a regulation hottie and I wonder why he couldn’t pick her out something nice when he grabbed his suit.

Also, Britney looked equally tired and something about Britney looking older than her age, made me feel REALLY old. I mean, Britney is our girl, our queen. And I don’t like to think about her being any less flawless than she was in the ‘Toxic’ and/or I”m a Slave 4 U’ video, especially that part when she dances with herself in that mirror. That was PEAK Britney.

Now that I have that off my chest, here’s me, not looking peak Danielle, but doing my best in this stripe romper. No but really, this romper is giving my lazy self life because it’s like wearing pajamas but the kind that are acceptable to pick-up your kids or run errands in. Plus, it’s on sale today with code BacktoSchool but if you miss that sale, you can always use LWW25 to take 25% off your purchase at Dress & Dwell (because I am here for you and would happily come brush your hair and buy you eye make-up remover if that’s what you needed).

Lazy Sunday Romper from Dress & Dwell (25% off with code LWW25)
Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers – Crystal Pink
Old Navy Army Green Shirt Jacket 

Navy Stripe Summer Romper | Lou What Wear

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