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Summer is Hot, Don’t Get Dehydrated * Six Easy Tips to Drink More Water Daily

Jul 10, 2017

This post was sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Earlier this summer we attended our first summer swim meet. Growing up, I swam every summer so I was particularly excited for Drew to be on the team and swim in his first meet. He, on the other hand, wasn’t so jazzed. Think lots of anxiety, tears and a lot of coaxing (or more accurately, me telling him to just jump in). This led to lots of anxiety for me too. As I’m sure every mom can relate, there’s the inevitable comparisons to other kids and that hoping yours isn’t the one throwing the fit, crying, ruining stuff, etc, etc.

At the end of the day, I had a headache and was super tired. I also realized I hadn’t had a sip of water all day. After an entire day in the sun, I was beat. I stood by the fridge and considered just putting my head under the water spout. When I realized that probably wasn’t my best move, I chugged three full glasses of water and immediately felt better.

Dehydration can ruin a fun summer day. I’m no doctor but after reading that chronic dehydration can affect your organs and lead to kidney stones, cholesterol problems, constipation, and liver, joint, and muscle damage, I’m on a mission to drink more water. I normally stick to water during the week but have realized I’m not drinking enough (cue myself standing up, walking to fridge and pulling out a bottle of water).

As part of Coca-Cola’s 100 Ways to Summer program, I’ve teamed up with Dasani® to share some easy ways to avoid dehydration throughout the day. Just look up the symptoms of dehydration and you’ll see that most of them can be a huge buzzkill on enjoying a solid summer day.

  1. Drink a Glass of Water the Minute You Wake Up

    I’ve started to do this recently. I’ll grab a glass on the way to bed and chug it first thing in the morning. It’s an easy way to get the day started on the right note. I also find that it helps me wake up.

  2. Keep a Bottle in Your Car

    A couple weeks ago, I bought a case of Dasani® at Sam’s Club. I took half of it inside and left the other half in my car. Yes, it can get hot at times, but after lunch I’ll just use the cup a ice in it or a grab a cup from inside and pour it in. This way I’m never without. And yes, I’ve been known to drink a hot bottle of water before just to make it through the day.

  3. Drink Water After Every Bathroom Break

    A lot of people, mostly myself, can avoid grabbing another bottle of water or refilling our glass because we’re stuck behind our computers. But bathroom breaks can’t be avoided, so whenever you get up to go, grab some more water. Once you’ve done it for a couple days, it will become routine.

  4. Drink a Glass Before Every Meal

    When you get to a restaurant what’s the first thing they do? Bring you water. Just like when you first wake up, chug it. Not only will you be less hungry (a lot of the time hunger is confused for thirst) but it will help you stay hydrated.

  5. Add Some Flavor

    Sometimes water can be boring. Rather than reach for something else, add a little flavor. I like to add fresh fruit to add a little flavor and natural sweetness. You can buy a water bottle, where you can just drop the fresh fruit in – like strawberries or raspberries –  or you can squeeze it straight into your water bottle. If you’re on the run, you can grab a clementine and just drop a couple pieces into your water bottle.

  6. Make it a Competition

    If you have a fitness tracker, you can compete with yourself and friends on a number of challenges, why not add a water goal to your daily step goals? You can also download an app to keep track. I know I love getting the alert when I hit 10,000 steps and the same feeling can go for staying hydrated. Just make sure to track them throughout the day.

However you make water a part of your routine, it’s important that it does. I feel 10x better on the days when I get enough to drink and on the days I don’t, I can tell for a couple days afterwards. It always helps to be prepared so just carrying a Dasani® bottle with you or keeping a stock in the car can be a lifesaver.

Now that I have a Sam’s Club Membership, I’ve been stocking up on cases (along with snacks for days). They also have tons of fresh produce which is key if you want to add some flavor to your H20 or if you just want to make a strawberry shortcake – because you know, the 100 Ways to Summer needs to have a little bit of indulgence too!

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Photos by Tabitha Booth

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  1. Amanda J. says:

    Water really is the best!! I don’t have any problems drinking it, but I did share this with a friend who does!

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