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Summer Soda * The Easiest Summer Cocktail

Jul 7, 2017

Cheers to Friday!

The whole mid-week holiday really through off my schedule this week and I could never get into a groove. Next time Fourth of July falls in the middle of the week (so next year), I’m thinking I’ll plan a week long vacation because trying to get in the swing of things has been a bear.

I doubt I’m the only one ready for another couple days off (if for no other reason than to catch up from last weekend’s holiday fun) so I figure we should kick off the weekend with a cocktail. I’m no master cocktail maker but I have whipped something up pretty regularly since trying out Blue Chair Bay Rum at the start of summer. I’m normally a vodka girl but to mix things up, I’ve swapped out the vodka for rum and have loved the summery vibe it gives me favorite drink.

So rather than my regular vodka + soda with a splash of lemonade, I’ve gone for a rum + soda with a splash of limeade. It’s delicious, super refreshing and just what the doctor ordered after a long week. Throw a couple strawberries in or just garnish the glass with one to give it a little color. Like I said, this isn’t anything groundbreaking but it’s definitely good. You could always use Fresca instead of club soda if you want more citrus flavor. I’ve done both to equally delicious results.

As a quick side note, I’m thinking of doing some rum popsicles for my next Blue Chair Bay post, so if you have any favorite recipes – send them my way. I was thinking of doing something strawberry/banana focused but would definitely love to elevate it.

Now that we’ve got the cocktails taken care of, what’s everyone have planned for the weekend? We’re planning to pool it tomorrow and then possibly hit up our first church picnic of the year – it’s about time I play the cake wheel this summer.

Photos by Tabitha Booth

Thanks so much to Blue Chair Bay Rum for sponsoring this post. 

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