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In Black and White

I’ve been on a big black and white kick lately. I’d love to tell you it’s because I’ve found my edgier, more modern side but it’s not. It’s because I’m lazy AF and sticking to a simple color palette makes getting ready in the morning much easier. Kind of like one of those capsule wardrobes that everyone is talking about on Pinterest and Instagram except for the fact that I haven’t curated (how pretentious is that word?) a damn thing. It’s mostly just grabbing the first black or white top that catches my eye (extra bonus points for stripes or a pattern) and throwing on a blazer to make it look polished. read more


Outfit Post + Beauty: Basic Black + Rosy Lips

Can we talk about how weird the weather has been lately? Seriously, it’s killing me. One minute we’re basking in the warm sun and 65+ degree temperatures of a faux-Spring day and the next there’s threats of snow flurries, 30 degree temps and no sun in sight. It’s a mishmash that is not only making me pop in and out of seasonal affective disorder (okay, not really) but is also wrecking havoc on my skin.

I’m just one of those people that always ends up having chapped lips which, I think we can all agree, is not a good look. As much as I love lipstick (I love it, I buy it nonstop just need to wear it more), rocking it with chapped lips is gross.  So when I got the best care package of new Vaseline Lip Tins – it was a god send. I’ve been grabbing these little tins and reapplying like crazy especially my new favorite, the Rosy Lip tin. This pretty in pink tin is the easiest way to kill two birds with one stone – keep my lips moisturized while also adding a little glossy color. I’ve kept it in my purse, along with the Original Vaseline Tin, every since I got it a couple weeks ago and am reapplying like crazy. Plus, I love the original tin because it doubles as a balm for dry skin and my hands get seriously dried out. It’s bad. Like – I don’t want to talk about it – bad. These little guys have been around in England for years but are just now making their way across the pond to the US where you can snag them at Target. Just beware, you know you are going to go to grab a couple of these and end up with a whole bag of random stuff. It’s both the blessing and curse of Target. read more


Outfit Post: Vested

I am DRAGGING today. I know you’re all tired of hearing about my adventures in moving but last night I FINALLY got my clothes situation figured out. At our last house, my clothes all lived in different rooms/closets which made getting ready in the morning a mess. I was determined to avoid that at the new place and so yesterday I got my s**t together and moved my dresser into our room (don’t ask why it wasn’t there already – I have no idea) and got everything organized. This now means I have a giant bag of stuff heading to Goodwill and a mountain of things to list on Poshmark. Baby steps. read more

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