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The Long Return: The Biggest Benefits of Attending a Creative Conference

Today’s post is a little more on the business side of things around these parts, so if that’s not your bag – I get it.  But I think it applies to anyone who works in a collaborative creative field and has wondered whether attending a conference is really worth it. Yes, the speakers may be incredible, the setting stunning and the food delicious but will it really be worth it aside from a couple days away? The answer is often totally dependent on the people putting together the event and the type of people they attract. read more


Boyfriend & Blush

I’ve told you all before about how forgetful I can be, right?

In college, I lost my driver’s license more times than I can remember and the amount of times I locked myself out of my house and car is embarrassing. My phone goes missing at least once a day and I’ve been known to wander around my house aimlessly looking for my keys.

On my trip to Sea Island a couple weeks back, I was in peak form. It all started without my driver’s license (again) after mysteriously losing it in a purse change (ended up finding it last week). Then I left my phone in a McDonald’s bathroom (I realized it shortly after pulling onto the highway and they had, thankfully, found it) and ended things by leaving my camera behind in my friend Tiffany’s car. read more

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