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TBD on a Trend

Jan 23, 2018

You all know I am game to try out any trend. So this is me trying out embellished jeans and totally questioning my decision.

I got these before the holidays thinking they would be great for when you want to be comfy but also look put together but you know, I’m not so sure. And you’re probably like, “well why in the hell are you sharing the pictures?” And to that, I reply that I’m trying to keep it real and as many times as I love items, sometimes I’m on the fence and you all should get both sides of the coin. Also, I’m hoping you’ll let me know in the comments whether I should keep these or sell them (so be sure to let me know).

But for reals, I thought it would be worthwhile to show that sometimes I get photos back and scrunch up my face while looking at them, wondering whether I should share or not. Sometimes I’m totally sure about a look and other times, it’s TBD. To be honest, I think I need to give these jeans another try with maybe some black heels and a simple tucked in tee. Maybe I’ll try it out and share it.

Or maybe I should just stop wearing everything with this field jacket and sneakers.

On a better note than me questioning my sale purchases, Anthropologie – where I scored these – is giving you 20% all full-priced clothes today. So head on over and pick out something fun for spring… included my favorites below… who knows if they’ll be hits or misses though.

Anthro Favorite Finds

Pilcro Sequin Embellished Girlfriend Jeans (similar here)
J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket 
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers | Dagne Dover Tote

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  1. liz says:

    I think these are definitely worth restyling before deciding. I think opting for a dressier look is a good idea — and if you’re still no into — sell them. Someone on Posh or IG will snag them up quickly 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Eek. Not a fan of these at all. Maybe try them dressed up as Liz suggests. Love the rest of your outfit though. 🙂

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