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the easiest way to organize your earrings

Sep 28, 2020

There’s been a lot of things I’ve lost control of in 2020 – my temper, my self-control around desserts and alcohol and my schedule for starters. But one thing I’ve actually gotten a hold of is the clutter in my house. Marie Kondo could never. Okay, actually she could but still I feel like a Hall of Famer when it comes to throwing things away and organizing.

Since I’ve tackled projects in small chunks, it’s significantly less stressful and overwhelming. We’re not talking full “The Home Edit” here, just small changes here and there.

While the rest of my house can go to pieces, I keep my closet pretty organized and edited. Except when it came to my earrings. Originally I bought an acrylic tray with hopes of keeping them in the top drawer you can see in the photo below. Quickly though, the drawer became a total s*&t show. None of the earrings had backs, they were tangled up with necklaces, every one was separated from their match. When it came time to put a pair on, it was a full-on 10 minute search party. And then I saw this $13 earring organizer from Amazon (shout-out to Cathy from Poor Little It Girl for posting about this – i was influenced big time).

Why I Love It 

This inexpensive addition has totally changed the game and honestly, brings me so much joy to look at. First off, it’s an Amazon Prime buy so if you decide you need to tackle this project, you can order it today and be organizing by mid-week. I’m one of those people that have to strike while the iron is hot. If it takes too long to come in the mail, I may lose the motivation to tackle the project.

Depending on the size/style of your earrings, it can hold over 100 pairs. As far as accessorizing goes, I really only wear earrings besides my simple everyday jewelry, so this has been a huge help. Clearly the best part is being able to find and decide on a pair to wear super quickly. It also folds up so I normally keep it more pushed to the side to save space.

I know everyone might not have a place for something like this but if you have the dresser or counter space, I highly recommend it. There’s also a a lazy Susan version that’s only $14.  Perfect if you have a smaller dresser or vanity. I’m actually considering getting it too since earrings are my weakness (I’m a sucker for the fun, super inexpensive ones at Work the Metal) and although my collection is a little absurd, I do love looking at it when I walk into my closet.

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