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Too Many Tassels?

Aug 3, 2018

Every time I shoot with Tabitha (my beautiful and super talented friend who also happens to shoot all the photos on the blog), she pokes through the outfits and asks, “anything with tassels?” It’s a running joke that just about every one of our meet ups involves an outfit with some sort of tassel embellishment. Thankfully for everyone, none are of the booby variety (don’t lie, you can’t help but think of that phrase when you hear the word tassel… or hopefully that’s not just me).

And while you may think this outfit only includes tassel earrings (which I love so much and will talk about in a sec) but this top actually has the WEIRDEST tassel embellishment ever. I grabbed it off the rack when I spotted the sleeve embellishment. I also love a light weight long sleeve top since I think they pair just as well with denim shorts as they do with jeans for fall. But then I turned it around. And what did I find but the STRANGEST little cluster of multi-colored tassels right at the hem hanging in the middle. To give you a better visual, when you’re wearing it, it looks like a bunch of tassel turds hanging right by your butt. It’s not cute. Not cute at all. Funny, but not cute.

But the top was so good (and the price was right), I bought it and totally meant to cut off the tassels in the back. I wore it one time without cutting it off and posted it in my stories on Instagram if you want to see how absurd it looked. It’s totally worth it for the sleeves though right?

Kendra Scott Denise Red Tassel Earrings * Summer Embroidered Top

Gimme all the Tassels

Embroidered Tunic * Kendra Scott Tassel Earrings * Easy Fall Outfits

The tassels more deserving of the attention though are these Kendra Scott earrings which I fell for after stopping into the Oxmoor Mall store last week. If you haven’t been in yet, you need to. It’s a lot easier to splurge when you’re surrounded by so many cute pieces. These ones were my favorite though because you can switch up the number of tassels based on your outfit/mood/style. So you can go all in with all three or you can remove them (they have little hooks that connect them) so that you’re sporting two or just one. Allie, their community manager, was wearing the white pair with just one little tassel and it looked so good. Just the right amount of fun for a work look.

They also just launched a fun game day line that I’ll be sharing next week but if you want to win one of the pairs, head over to Instagram. I’m giving away a red pair and a blue pair for all the Cards vs. Cats fans out there.

Embroidered Top from Dress & Dwell 
AG Skinny Legging Jeans – on sale now in the NSale! 
Kendra Scott Denise Tassel Earrings + Phara Tassel Necklace c/o
Frye Ilana Crossbody Bag (seen before here)
Loft Sunglasses

Kendra Scott Denise Earrings _ Tassel Earrings _ Early Fall Outfits

Kendra Scott Denise Earrings _ Tassel Earrings _ Early Fall Outfits

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