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What I Wear to Work… Like Everyday

Sep 25, 2017

And it’s Monday again. I hate when that happens.

Okay not really. Lately Mondays have been much less stressful. The Sunday Scaries aren’t quite as bad when you’re your own boss. I’ve started this routine where I go to CycleBar on Monday mornings, then shower there and head to the office. It’s a nice way to ease into the work week rather than going all in from the first minute. It’s also one of the only times I can sneak in a workout lately. The last two weeks I’ve worked out Monday morning and Friday morning or afternoon. So I start and end the week right, I’m just having trouble in between.

Anyways, I’ve tried to avoid going full casual everyday at the office. Of course sometimes it’s jeans and a t-shirt (and by sometimes, I mean a couple times a week) but I’m trying to dress it up a couple days as well. This look is essentially my work uniform. Black skinny pants, a great black blazer, heels and a fun tee or blouse. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it always works for me which makes getting out the door in a hurry much easier. Seriously, if they invented one of those ‘get you dressed’ machines that they always show in futuristic cartoons (I feel like George Jetson has this), this outfit would be the one I would program in.

Black Blazers for Under $200

Madewell Tribune Blazer | Knotted Tee c/o Dress & Dwell
J.Crew Pixie Pants
Madewell Mira Heels (old,seen before here)
Dagne Dover Classic Tote c/o 

And here’s what I actually look like at a blog shoot… don’t mind me, just fixing my face (as much as I can) in random car windows.



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