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Forgetting Perfection

Sep 20, 2017

This post has been sponsored Red Baron®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You know what’s messy? Pizza and Life. Although both in the best way … but also, pizza is life.

Lately life has been really messy. Busy and messy. Trying to manage the whole “do it all” thing is exhausting. Even just trying to do some of it is enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and get lost in a weekend an afternoon of Netflix and actually chilling.

But then you get on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest and everything looks perfect.

There’s someone balancing it all. A spotless house, well-dressed kids out saving the world despite the fact they’re only 3, a perfectly executed Whole-30, gluten-free meal. And don’t get me started on the hair. Where do these women learn these curling-iron skills? And more importantly, when can they come make me look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel living a Doris Day life?

I could make a giant list of all the things I don’t have time for in-between trying to keep my kids fed, watered and safe from killing one another (or me – I’m pretty sure they’re on a mission to take me out with a cartoon-style slip and fall on this skateboard) while also making it to school and the absurd amount of activities they’re committed to. And have I mentioned work? Clearly the above is why I have been sporadically silent over here on the blog.

It’s all too much. 

Someone has created this narrative where not only CAN we have it all, we’re supposed to DO it all. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You know what I do have time for? Pizza.

We all know that it takes an act of god to get me to the grocery (can I get a hallelujah for Kroger Clicklist?). That or a totally empty refrigerator which is what I’ve been facing lately on Fridays. And while I am mildly tempted to get all Betty Crocker and whip something up, I’m too tired for that. So what do I do? I hit up Kroger, make a beeline to that frozen food aisle and grab me a couple Red Baron pizzas. Cheese for the kids (because duh), pepperoni for me and bbq chicken for Drew. And yes, I did say an entire pepperoni pizza, just for me. Don’t judge that when I eat it, I am as happy as Kevin McAllister on Christmas. 

And as I chomp down on my delicious pizza for about five minutes (yes, I eat faster than a wild animal), I momentarily forget about the small mountain of crumbs forming under the counter, the ridiculous amount of toys my kids have spread around the room with no intention of using and the mountain of laundry spilling out into the hallway. Unfortunately, I’m not able to avoid Reese asking me for water, juice and milk while simultaneously spilling half her food on the floor and then melting down into a tantrum. But that’s neither here nor there.

But for reals, I think we should all just take a break from perfection for a hot second and during that hot second, let’s all get together, eat delicious frozen pizzas and drink wine. Clearly Red Baron agrees. They just launched the Baroness and she is essentially my spirit animal. She’s basically just all of us – trying to make it through the day without losing your phone, your keys or your d**n mind.

Oh and you know what? I took these pictures in the morning when my kids weren’t around (but obviously their mess way) because with a to-do list a mile long, fitting pictures in-between their schedule was another thing that was too much. But I made this pizza and then I ate it. And it may or may not have been before noon. #sorryimnotsorry

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  1. Claire says:

    Ohhhhhhh girl. All the feels on this one. Thanks for some honest talk!

    P.S. my kids had toast and cheese slices for dinner yesterday. I couldn’t even get it together enough to make an actual grilled cheese ????????‍♀️

  2. SuSu says:

    Your honesty makes me laugh!! It’s so refreshing – you’re the best

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