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What Courtney Bought and Loved: Amazon Fashion Edition

Sep 5, 2019

We’re back with another round up of What What Courtney Bought and Loved and it’s a good one. I mean, they are always good but with this one, she’s here for us. Last time, she came through for the babies but with this one, it’s just full of goodies to keep us looking and feeling good on a budget.

Once again, I’ve been influenced and I’m about to buy the dress below that gets her wholehearted stamp of approval. So without further ado, here are her “add to cart” now recs.

Courtney here! These are my tried and true, real-deal Amazon finds.  The things that, if you are in my circle of friends, you’ve already heard about and have listened to my unsolicited reviews/peer pressure to buy while we sit at a dinner table.

Confession: I almost didn’t write this post because it seems everyone on the internet is telling us about their favorite Amazon finds (I’m not complaining!) but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t just repeating the same old stuff. So, while I am here for the Amazon finds of all the real-life influencers (I bought – and LOVE- this dress because of Taylor Collins Ash) I gave myself a couple rules:

1. I had to find it on my own – not influenced by influencers and copying as a wanna-be influencer

2.  I had to be either a repeat buyer (I’ve bought most of these items several times). Or, in cases that repeat buys don’t make sense, I had to be blown away by the quality or usefulness.

Note from Danielle: This dress is so good that we had to include it too. Check out how cute Courtney looks in it below, she’s the one in red. It’s $25 and comes in NINE colors. Go get it here. 

Annie T., Allie Powell (you may recognize her from this post), Julie D., Courtney and Britney A. looking oh-so-cute at Brew at the Zoo.

Shop All Courtney’s Picks

“The Amazon Underwear”
$15.99 for a six-pack

Seamless, flattering, comfortable, CHEAP.

Note from Danielle: I can attest, these are Courtney’s #1 rec, she’s always spreading the word on these. I’ve ordered them and they’re great. 

Kurve Bandeau Bralette
$25 for a set of two

Not for those who are looking for much support, but so good for under loungewear, t-shirts, etc. I wash and dry these and they’ve held up really well.

Note from Danielle: These come individually, sets of two and sets of three. They also come in like 15 different colors. Feeling like I need to go order a couple for those lazy fall lounging days that will be coming up soon. 

Pro Mountain ‘No-Show’ Socks
$22 for an 8-pack 

Finally, no-show socks that stay in place like an athletic sock with a perfectly low profile.

Note from Danielle: These come in men and women’s sizes in black, white, gray and beige. Also, there is a $5 coupon on Amazon right now, so go grab a pack. 

Statement Earrings $10 – $15 
Beaded + Rattan 
Guys, Amazon has a lot of identical earrings to Baublebar. Am I the only one just catching on to this?  I bought the blue version of these from Baublebar for 40 bucks, then decided I wanted them in lilac. I figured they’d be worth a shot for $12, and when they arrived I was pleased to find they are identical in every way.
Also love these rattan earrings. They come in a bunch of styles, are lightweight and comfortable, and several people told me they’d seen the same ones at Anthropologie.
Hanging Jewelry Organizer – $12

On that note, I have an addiction to buying statement earrings. Storing them was becoming a challenge, and I was forgetting about some favorites. This hanging jewelry organizer now hangs in my closet, all of those earrings on display in their clear pockets.

Note from Danielle: Important note, this organizer is double-sided! Also comes in a variety of colors. At $12, I’m pretty sure we all need this. 

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster 

This is one of those repeat buys. No matter what else I try, I come back to this for gentle teeth whitening because it’s easy and does not cause sensitivity. You are a small amount to your toothbrush (with toothpaste) and it does exactly what it says – it acts as a booster for whitening.

Note from Danielle: I think this product must have been discontinued because the prices are WAY high on Amazon. But clearly it works so I linked to a couple less pricey options on eBay. And if you’re at your local CVS or Walgreen’s look and see if they still have it in stock! 

 Glamorous Wash – Diva
$30 for 32 oz. 

I found this detergent after our dog was sprayed by a skunk and the ENTIRE house smelled for weeks. I incessantly Googled “how to make your house smell better” and came across a recommendation to wash all of your linens in this detergent. It is super concentrated (don’t use it straight up unless you want to literally choke on the scent — I use an 80/20 mix of Tide Free and Clear + Tyler Wash). But now, since he skunk smell is finally eliminated, I squirrel away all my laundry and wash it separately just to use this detergent. It smells that fab, and I’m not sharing it with the four boys living in my house.

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