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Prepped and Ready with Allie Powell Hair

Mar 26, 2019

Before we even get started, I wanted to say this post is not sponsored. Allie is a friend and fellow small business owner. I love supporting ladies following their dreams and hustling to help make that money for their families. This is one of those such posts.

There are many simple pleasures in this world and one of them is a good blow out.

A good hair day can make the most boring, no good, very bad days better. I have a really tough time fixing my hair (I’ve moaned and groaned about it more times than I can count). It’s just not something I’m good at. I’ve got about three skills in my arsenal and after that, I’ve got nothing.

That’s why I turn to the professionals more often than not when it comes to big events or special nights out. I’m, admittedly, a big fan of Primp Style Lounge and DryBar but it’s tough for me to get there a lot of the time. That’s where my girl Allie Powell Hair has swooped in and saved the day. After years of doing friends’ hair for parties, galas and weddings, she decided to turn her hobby into a side hustle.

Rather than having to head out for your appointment, Allie comes to you. Sets up shop in your living room, bedroom or, like at my house, the kitchen. So far, I’ve had Allie come up my game three times. Every time has been more fun than the last.

First up, Allie is a sweetheart. She’s a mom of two and former nurse who is beyond easy to talk to. I honestly love booking her so I have an excuse to hang out with her. But on the hair side of things, she’s a master with a curling iron and can do anything from a simple blow out to a full-on wedding style.

The cost is worth having the ease of just coming out of your bedroom to finish up your look. If I could convince her to come do my hair everyday, I totally would.

Allie still has a few bookings available for Oaks, Derby and Derby parties/galas – so hop to it! I’ve already booked her for Friday afternoon/evening. Don’t have plans yet but didn’t want to miss out! She’s also available for weddings – whether you’re in one or just going to one. Personally, I just love a good Friday blow out. Especially if I have a shoot so I get more use out of it!

If you’re interested in booking Allie, head over to her site and pick a day/time. Then she’ll show up, armed with an array of hot tools ready to conquer your locks.

A Couple TImes Allie has helped up my glam quotient…

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