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Where to Find Every Gift on Your List

Dec 11, 2018

Where are all my fellow procrastinators at? As much as I don’t want to be that person. I am.

I blame it on D3’s birthday being at the beginning on the month so I find it hard to fully commit to buying Christmas presents until his birthday celebration is behind us. Every year, I find myself finally getting into the groove of gift giving on the Monday after his birthday … it’s like my Cyber Monday.

The problem? Sometimes those must-have gifts have already been gobbled up and I’m stuck with the leftovers. But that’s a thing of the past thanks my aggressive eBay habit.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have always been the eBay queen when it comes to selling. I opened my account in college and have been selling random stuff on there FOREVER. No lie, I used to have a pretty steady side hustle selling magazines. I had all these old subscriptions and mint-condition magazines so I would sell them and make like $25 bucks a week.  I was young and needed all the spending money I could find (still do… but that’s another story).

I’ve hunted for things on eBay in the past but realized recently that I score just about everything for was less than retail on the site. Case in point – these Nike sneakers. I spotted these, loved them and decided I need a pair but of course, my size was sold out. Ebay to the rescue. I ended up grabbing a pair for me and finding a similar pair for Drew in his super hard-to-find size (seriously, he and every man in America must wear an 11 or 11.5).

Nikes for Him

I’m certainly no professional sneakerhead but as someone who LOVES a good sneakers, eBay is the best place to find those rare colorways that sell out quick. I have my eye on a few pairs… despite the fact that I definitely don’t need anymore pairs.

Nikes for Her

Back to the gift giving though. Yesterday I made my list of everyone I’m getting gifts for this year and plan to tackle the list one-by-one. I’m thinking a Google Home for my parents, a Nintendo Switch for D3, a Razor scooter for Reese, a Yeti mug for my Dad and possibly the Dyson hair dryer for my mom (a splurge but I know she’ll love it… plus you can get 20% off with this coupon until the 12th). Oh and don’t worry – they don’t read over here often enough to spoil the surprise.



Also, don’t be intimidated by the auction format. Even though there are tons of deals to be had through auctions, a lot of the items have ‘Buy it Now’ or ‘Make an Offer’ options. So no need to wait until the end of the listing.

Plus, if you’re on the hunt for a hard-to-find toy – you can always find it on eBay.

Photos by Tabitha Booth

Thanks so much to eBay for sponsoring this post.



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