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Winter Layers

Dec 22, 2016

I love Christmas but geez, it is stressing me out. I JUST finished the last of my Christmas shopping and now I’m staring straight into a pile of presents that need to be wrapped. Obviously, it’s a truly good problem to have so I am not complaining.

It’s just one of those things where in your head, you have all these idyllic Christmas aspirations and clearly, reality didn’t line up. Does that happen with anyone else? You see all these pretty pictures on Instagram, all kinds of projects on Pinterest and lots of one-upping on Facebook so you make a mental list of things “I should do” for Christmas.   With only a couple days left, I don’t think we’re going to make my aspirational holiday bucket list a reality. Didn’t make it down to see the lights downtown, haven’t really watched many movies – we did sneak in Elf – and haven’t made a single cookie yet.  It’s going be more like using some pre-made cookie dough to make cookies, throw on a little Christmas music and make the most of the madness.

But when I say that all I want for Christmas is a nap, I mean it.

striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1876J.Crew Stadium Coat | Sperry Duck Boots 
Madewell Stripe Turtleneck
J.Crew Plaid Buttondown (sold out but more options – all 40% off !!! – below)
J.Crew Navy Excursion Vest 

When it comes to this outfit, I’ve never been a turtleneck kind of girl. I have this weird thing about things touching my neck but consider me converted. Although, I think it may just be this Madewell one since it’s a little slouchier and not the least bit tight. I layered it up with some standards and called it a day. FYI – all of these are on sale (like big time sale) and all of these are standards that I turn to time and time again. Stuff you can’t go wrong with. Oh and if you scoop a J.Crew gift card, you need to use it towards this coat. I know I’ve said it before but it’s really that good.

striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1864striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1872striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1867striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1866striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1873striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1869striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1877striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1865striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1871striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1874striped-turtleneck-j-crew-layers-lou-what-wear_1875Images by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photography 




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