Holiday Blues

Don’t let the title fool you, I’m definitely not feeling the blues today. It’s the first day of a nice little holiday break from work and I am pumped to have some days off.

I may actually turn blue today though, I have to run out to take some pictures and I’m probably going to freeze my ass off. So if you’re in the Nulu area and see a semi-tall girl inappropriately dressed for the weather, that’s me. Feel free to point and laugh.

On to this outfit though. How fun is this feather fringe skirt? When I spotted it at Dress & Dwell, I knew I had to have it but when I got home, I had some trouble figuring out what to wear with it. I ended up going all navy and then topping it off with this blazer to give it a festive sparkle. I may swap out the heels for boots and wear this to one of our many family Christmas gatherings. That’s the pros/cons of having ALL the divorced parents: Pro – so many delicious eats, extra presents; Con – so much running around made even more difficult with three kids.

J.Crew Regent Blazer (40% off now)
Dress & Dwell Coco Navy Ostrich Hem Skirt c/o
J.Crew T-Shirt + Tassel Earrings + Elsieย Heelsย 
Dagne Dover 13-inch bag in Midnight Blue c/o

Images by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photography
December 22, 2016


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    Josh @ The Kentucky Gent

    December 19, 2016

    That was me last week SO I totally get it. Stay warm! And I hope you enjoy your holiday break ๐Ÿ™‚

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    December 26, 2016

    Cute outfit! I hear you on running around on the holidays and we only have one set of divorced parents (mine) and 2 kids. Today I’m doing nothing after a hectic day yesterday!