Last Minute Gameday Gear

Like I said earlier, I am an equally opportunity fan when it comes to the UK vs. UofL game. So red and blue fans alike can send me their favorite game day outfits.

BUT (that’s a big but), it is no secret that in my heart of hearts I’m a Kentucky Fan. And since tomorrow’s game is at UK, It’s a fair assumption that most of the tailgates will be dominated by Big Blue fans. So if you’re still in need of some last minute game day gear, Alex (@amclean5) from the Keeneland Gift Shop  sent over some of her favorite Kentucky items. These are all available at Keeneland, so you can pick them up when you’re driving down Versailles Road into Lexington tomorrow.

Need something to keep all your tailgaiting treats in? This Vineyard Vines UK tote is the perfect way to carry all your gear while showing off your team loyalty.

If you’re like me and lose your keys (cell-phone, wallet, other important personal items) on the regular, this is for you (and after a full-day of tailgating you may want to hand this – keys attached – to a friend or just keep ’em in your purse. Safety First Friends).

With a late start time, the weather could be a little chilly come kick-off. This blue scarf (in the right color blue!) will keep you warm and looking cute in team colors. And since there’s no logo to be found, you can sport it on chilly fall days with jeans and a tee.

For the seriously preppy out there, this Vineyard Vines UK Tie will class-up your button-down and khaki’s. Just make sure your look is more polished than pledge.

Full-disclosure: I’m not a huge fan of the dressed up, game-day attire. Since the hubs is a Cards fan, there’s no way he’s ever wearing this (but he may sport this Vineyard Vines version for Cards fans). But if he wasn’t, I’d make sure he’d only be sporting at work on or pre- game day.

Get excited for lots of style spotting on Monday. Until then, happy tailgating.