Outfit Post: A Little Leather

It’s official – my ‘out of office’ email just went up so I’m now fully committed to the holidays (save one little client lunch today).

I love the holidays but does anyone else get really overwhelmed trying to make everything just perfect. I blame instagram for the majority of the holiday anxiety but sometimes it feels like you’re totally failing at the holidays if you’re not either 1. wrapping presents/making perfect holiday cookies/drinking hot chocolate/snuggled under an all-white faux fur blanket or 2. at the best holiday party ever in the most stylish sparkly outfit.

For me, it’s mostly crunched up on my couch surrounded by kids (and now my mom) and assorted toys, trying to figure out what holiday movie to watch while also trying to figure out what we’re going to eat for dinner. It’s certainly not a scene straight out of a movie or a perfectly staged instagram pic but it will do. And hey, at least we have cookies (that’s the one thing you can count on me for always having).

Speaking of not going to plan, we took the kiddos to see Santa this weekend and to say Reese wasn’t having it would be an understatement. We couldn’t even get the crying picture on Santa’s lap since she wouldn’t even get close to the big guy. Not to be a total hater, she waved at him once she was safely 20 feet away from him. So yeah, in our series of Santa pictures, we’ll always have this one where Reese is missing in action. Such a bummer (for me mostly) because she was all dressed up and that never happens.

Moving on… this leather-sleeved jacket is super old (I think I got it three years ago) but always sees the light of day this time of year. It adds a little something something to simple jeans and a t-shirt (aka what I wear everyday – okay not really but kinda). Since it’s old as mold – I found a few options in stores now. To add a little extra, I added this hat (finally found one I love in black). I’m sure you all are tired of the hats but I just can’t get enough. Seriously, try on and just disregard any funny looks. I wore this one over the weekend and even got a few compliments. Granted, they were from bookish old men but hey, I’ll take it.

Leather Jacket + Stripes * Winter Outfit Inspiration (4)Urban Outfitters Leather Sleeve Jacket (seen before here, more options below)  | Stripe Long T-Shirt from Nordstrom (LOVE! and it’s on sale for $10) | Black Hat from Nordstom | J.Crew Black Denim (30% off now) | Dolce Vita Boots (from the Gilt Outlet)

Leather Jacket + Stripes * Winter Outfit Inspiration (1)Leather Jacket + Stripes * Winter Outfit Inspiration (6)Leather Jacket + Stripes * Winter Outfit Inspiration (2)

Leather Jacket + Stripes * Winter Outfit Inspiration (5)Photos by Whitney Neal 

Outfit Post: Merry and Bright Blazer

No joke, this is my favorite outfit right now. I’ve worn it at least four times in the last couple weeks and I anticipate wearing it a bunch more over the holidays – especially since it is so crazy warm.

Seriously, I could rewrite the words to “These are a few of my favorite things…” to incorporate these items. I’m singing it in my head but will spare you the ridiculous lyric swap that’s going along with it.

The giddy delirium is probably because today is our last “real” day of work for the year. Yes, I’ll be back in the office for a few days before the new year but we’re entering that holiday slow period where working means organizing my office and cleaning out my inbox. We also have our company Christmas party/dinner tonight so I’m counting down to a yummy dinner at Brendon’s Catch 23 (Louisville friends – make plans to get drinks or dinner there over the next couple weeks, so good). And to top it off, our Secret Santa gift exchange.

So basically it’s a day of all things that are good. That’s what the holidays are all about right? Hope you’re having just as fun of a Thursday (and if it’s not starting out that way, there’s still time to get your holiday on to turn it around – if all else fails, make cookies).

J.Crew Regent Blazer * Stripes and Flares (3)J.Crew Regent Blazer in Bohemian Red | J.Crew Stripe Tee (on sale for 30% off with code SHOPNOW, seen before here) | Paige Premium Flare Jeans | Madewell Mira Heels | J.Crew Leopard Belt (so old, but similar here and it’s on sale!) | Ray-Ban Aviators J.Crew Regent Blazer * Stripes and Flares (1)J.Crew Regent Blazer * Stripes and Flares (2)J.Crew Regent Blazer * Stripes and Flares (4)Photos by Whitney Neal

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