Outfit Post: Yellow

Okay so I know you’re probably thinking ‘what in the samhell is she doing wearing this jacket when it’s August?’ and I would totally agree if I didn’t work in the world’s chilliest office. Seriously, our interns brought blankets in … giant, fleece blankets.

Since my boss thinks that 65 degrees is standard room temperature, it’s important for me to dress in layers even when it’s 90+ degrees outside. This is my typical Friday work wear. Jeans, a simple tee and sneakers. Yes, I can get away with wearing sneakers to work on Fridays with no client meetings. You gotta have some dressing perks when you work in the Arctic tundra.

The good thing is this sweatshirt jacket (yeah I know that sounds weird but that’s what it is) will come in super handy this fall. Good for those lazy days when all you want to wear is a hoodie but a little more polished than that ratty, XL college sweatshirt. And by polished, I mean when you’re going to be seeing other humans. Otherwise that old sweatshirt sounds pretty comfy.

Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (5)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (8)White T-Shirt: James Perse (found at TJ Maxx; similar here and here); Jeans: Gap; Peplum Zip-Up: ZARA (got it on sale, no longer available boo. but this one is pretty legit); Sneakers: Superga (yes, that is a link to/blast from the past from Delias, don’t judge – they’re one of the only places I could find the neon ones; seen before here and here)
Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (7)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (1)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (3)Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (2)
Lou What Wear * Casual Outfits (6)Photos by Whitney Neal.

Outfit Post: Simply Inspired

Why does Monday always come so quickly. Every Friday I make big plans for all the things I’m going to accomplish and then Sunday afternoon rolls around and I’ve checked little to nothing off the list.

I’m heading out of town tomorrow evening so I’m trying to up my productivity (at work and home) today so I can leave without being totally stressed out. This outfit was worn on a decidedly less stressful day, a weekend one where you can get away with wandering.

Earlier this year, I did a month long series of outfit {pin}spirations, putting my closet’s spin on looks I love. Since I’ve been in a bit of a fashion funk, I’ve decided to try and spark the challenge up again.

If I could, I would copy everyone of Julie’s {Sincerely Jules} looks but I lack the slim build, budget and jet setter lifestyle to pull most of them off. Every once in a while she’s rocking something that I can translate and when I added these blue loafers to my closet, I knew I had to try my hand at this look. (p.s. – bummed I can’t find the original post – if anyone can find it, let me know!)

I took a little liberty and added the jacket to combat the fall chill but otherwise tried my best to channel her simple look.

White Button T-Shirt: Gap; Jeans: J.Crew Factory (on sale now!); Cobalt Blue Loafers: Cole Haan from T.J. Maxx (couldn’t find them in blue but they have them in red here) ; Military Jacket: Forever 21 (old, seen here)

Military Jacket * Blue Loafers * Lou What Wear

Lou What Wear

Blue Loafers * Fall Style

Cobalt Blue Loafers * Sincerely Jules Inspired Look

fall casual style * louisville
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Photos by Whitney Neal.


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