Outfit Post: Plain White Tee

You know on the show The Biggest Loser how the trainers just come in and take over all the contestants lives? It’s like a hostile takeover (except it’s totally not since the people signed up for it) where they’re like “Work out NOW!” “Don’t eat that!” and some other things to tear them down and bring them back up. Well, I think I need that. Less of the emotional baggage and limiting calorie intake to 750 a day but more of the “get your shit together now” discipline. I feel like my day would be more productive if all of sudden Jillian Michaels barged into my office and told me to finish my to-do list NOW while telling me I’m better than my procrastination before ordering me to do 50 push-ups. Or just popped in like Terry Tate Office Linebacker and smacked a bag of chips out of my hand and reminded me it’s time to workout.

Okay, that may be a little aggressive but lately I feel like I need a kick in the pants. I’m one of those people that feels the need to go go go and squeeze everything possible into one day but lately I’ve been kind of ‘meh’ about that extra 10%. I think we all go through those peaks and valleys so I’m gonna need someone to throw down the rope so I can climb out of this one.

When I’m in kind of a funk, I tend to be drawn to more simpler outfits (and a lot of all black – I blame it on the cliche PR girl uniform) and lately it’s been a lot of jeans and a t-shirt for me. A little boring? Maybe but it’s a classic for a reason. So yeah that’s what we’re getting today – a great slouchy white t-shirt and my favorite jeans. Seriously though, these Lookout High-Rise jeans are my new, hands down favorites. I’ve encouraged at least four friends to get a pair and they’re all drinking the kool-aid too. The best part about them is you’re never doing to pull and adjust dance when you stand up/sit down. This is especially clutch for those times when you’re juggling small children and the ridiculously amounts of stuff they need to have at all times. No more bending down to grab something and then having to awkwardly adjust your waistband. It’s the little things in life – jeans that fit and the fact that tomorrow is Friday.

Old Navy White Boyfriend T-Shirt (have this in black and navy too – love the fit) | J.Crew Highrise Lookout Jeans | Banana Republic Flat Suede Booties (old, seen before here; similar here) |Rebecca Minkoff Burgundy Bag | Ray-Ban Aviators  | T.Audrey Necklace c/o | J.Crew Pendant Necklace | Gold Cuff from Dandelion 
Photos by Chelcey Tate.

Outfit Post: New Kicks

Over the weekend, Drew turned and looked at me and said, “It’s amazing the amount of things you think you can squeeze into one day.” That sentence basically sums up my life and definitely this weekend.

I don’t think it would have been possible to cram more into my Sunday, let alone this weekend. It included one surprise birthday party, one wedding in Cincinnati, one kids birthday party and we went to the Lyle Lovett concert (don’t judge – it was awesome). Plus, I cleaned out my closet in an attempt to sell all my goodies on Sunday (a ton is left over and I’m considering putting up pics on here to see if anyone is interested – lots of cute stuff that doesn’t fit/I don’t need) and took D3 school supply shopping. Running around is a habit.

So I figured it would be only fitting to show off these new running shoes (sike! the only running i’m going to be doing in these is running late). I scored these puppies at KicksUSA where it took me WAY too long to narrow down my favorites. I ended up going with these New Balance 574’s because of how many things they go with in my closet but I could have easily gone for these or these (or about 10 others). Feels like I’m back in 5th grade, without the awkward growth spurt and weird hair, getting a new pair of tennis shoes for the new school year. Now if only I could wear them everyday.

New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (8)New Balance 574 Sneakers c/o KicksUSA | Madewell Splatter Paint Skinny Jeans (sold out but these are the same without the paint splatters) | Banana Republic White Tee| BCBGeneration Silk Blazer (old, similar here) | Ray-Ban 55m Aviator Sunglasses

New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (7)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (1)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (3)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (4)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (9)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (6)New Balance 574 * KicksUSA * Jeans and Sneakers (10)Photos by Whitney Neal

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