10 Floral Dresses for a Summer Wedding

I’m back!

After a little post-Derby break, I’m getting back into the routine here on the blog.  Obviously I know that no one was sitting around waiting for me to come back, but in case you were wondering, that’s why I’ve been MIA. I needed to catch up on work and life after going hard on all things Derby-related for what felt like six months but was really just six weeks.

No lie, I was exhausted last week. I’m definitely not complaining because this was one of my favorite Derby weeks ever but it took a toll on me. Like, could go to bed at 8 pm every night tired. #oldladyalert But now I’m feeling back to myself and ready to get things rolling again over here.

So today, I’m talking wedding season. To be totally honest, we’re pretty much done with a full season of weddings. I remember a couple summers where we had no less than 10 weddings. Now, it’s more like two, MAX. As someone who LOVES going to weddings, this bums me out but clearly I’m not hoping for a full summer of second weddings so I guess it’s something I’m going to have to come to terms with.

We’ve got one at the end of this month and it has me hunting for dress options… I mean, if I’m only going to a couple a year, I feel like it warrants a new dress. With florals everywhere these days, I’ve gone ahead and rounded up 10 options, along with this Ann Taylor favorite that is currently on same for about $50, that are perfect for summer weddings.

And if you’re like me and past your wedding season prime, these are all perfect summer party dresses. They can all be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And thankfully, we’re never too old for a good party. It just may take longer to recover from it these days.

Ann Taylor Floral Flounce Dress (40% off now)
Ann Taylor Pink Floral Heels (similar here)
Quay ‘It’s My Way’ Sunglasses | Vintage Gucci Bamboo Bag 

Wedding Ready Floral Dresses

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