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How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Art

Sep 22, 2016

Okay that title is super deceiving because I don’t think there is any hard truths on how to pick the perfect piece of art. There is a way to pick the perfect piece of art for you and your home though. Or at least, I think there should be and I wish someone would teach me.

So here’s the story. Since we moved in February, we’ve done little to no decorating. It’s embarrassing and I don’t really want to talk about it but here I am trying to get it together. It was hard to pick one place to really focus and as much as I want that to be our living room, I get a little overwhelmed when I think about all I want to do in there. The much more manageable place to start was our bedroom.

In the last couple years, we bought a new bed from West Elm – it was a start. But since we moved it’s been the only redeeming point of the room. So over Labor Day weekend, the big sales got the best of me.  I splurged and finally bought the end tables I had been eyeing for months. We’re going to need new dressers (our Ikea ones are on their last legs) but a much easier and bolder next step was adding art. My goal is to add one statement piece above our bed – something calming and simple but also impactful and meaningful. Oh yeah – and it can’t be heinously expensive and Drew has to, at least, kind of like it. Seems easy but it’s turning out to be a more challenging than you’d expect.

Enter Minted. I’ve ordered a million and one invites, birth announcements ( and holiday cards from Minted (oh and you may remember these labels that are so clutch for new moms). I love how they allow artists and designers to add their own designs which has allowed me to keep going back to my handful of favorites.  And while I’ve wasted more time than I’d like to admit stalking the art section, I’ve never taken the plunge. Since the art options are many and they can be ordered framed (hallelujah) – it’s time I finally pull the trigger. I narrowed down my selection (using those bomb a** filters) to photography + beaches or animals (this guy didn’t make it in the collage but may still be in the running). Random, I know. Unfortunately, crippling indecisiveness has me opening up the forum to you all for help narrowing the choices.

So help a pal out and let me know your favorite(s) in the comments.  I may save the pineapple print for our entryway or kitchen (seems appropriate right since it’s a symbol of welcome and hospitality). I’m clearly loving those palm trees especially since they remind me of home.

mintedartprint1st Row: 1 | 2 | 3
2nd Row: 4 | 5
(image via The Fox & She)
3rd Row: 6
4th Row: 7 | 8

p.s. – If you’re extra indecisive like me, need help crafting the perfect gallery wall or want to find cohesive art for a room – Minted is a saving grace. You can work with their team on styling services to help pull together the look you’re going for and then order the pieces framed and ready to hang.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love the upside down palm trees (#4)! Plus if it hangs over your bed, they will look right side up when you look up at it from your pillow 🙂 Also love the horse.

  2. bethania says:

    H Danielle, I would like to thank you very much for this post. I am a Minted artist and the author of the pic you featured above, under #8. This palm tree is located quite near our home, in Santiago, Chile. The photograph was taken during the Summer of 2015 and I was delighted when it got an editor’s pick prize in one of Minted’s challenge. Thank you for the feature. I am sure any of the prints you may choose will look great at your home. Cheers!

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Bethania!
      So glad you found the post! You are so talented and I absolutely LOVE that print. I didn’t end up going with it because of the size of the wall and the dimensions but it was in the top three! I may still end up ordering it for another corner of our house – seriously, love it so much especially now that I know the story behind it. All the best!

  3. Alison Jerry says:

    Oh how I love to see a Gallery of Minted Art! I too am a Minted Artist who enjoys seeing the work being used in a most unqiue and compelling way! Love your blog and all the best! Alison

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