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Making the Most of Every Moment with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Dec 10, 2015

I am one of those people that tries to cram WAY too much stuff in to one day. This compulsion to make the most of every minute is the number one reason why I am almost always late. I know being late is the worst and I know it’s a problem, I’m working through it but these kids don’t help the cause very much.

To me wasted time, is just that wasted. You’re never going to get it back. When I catch up on TV shows, I’m usually compulsively doing laundry or cleaning up. At work, I’ll try and get out one last email before running out the door to a meeting. Case in point, I’m wrapping up this blog post before running out to meet a client. That to do list is long and the day is short.  So when I do end up having a couple minutes of wait time – doctor’s offices, the DMV (have to go soon and am DREADING IT), random meetings and appointments – I try to make the most of the spare time. No minute left behind means lately I’ve been reaching for my Kindle whenever I’ve got an extra second.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * Holiday Gifts (3)Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * Holiday Gifts (5)

I got my first Kindle for Christmas like five years ago and it’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I immediately loaded it up with books I’d been meaning to read and started conquering them one by one. I loved reaching for it while outside but when my husband turns off the lights at night, I was a little stuck. Insert my new Kindle Paperwhite. It is the best. Super light (I’ve already got enough crap in my purse, not trying to weigh it down any more) with a screen that works in both sunlight and in the dark (perfect for reading in bed but also on planes when they dim those overhead lights) plus the battery lasts forever. No seriously, like weeks at a time before having to recharge.

I’ve already told you about making the most of my commute by listening to audio books – and they are great for light fare or a mystery – but there’s still nothing like getting lost in a good book. I am a self-proclaimed nerd who is obsessed with Game of Thrones and there’s no way I could listen to those puppies on an audio book. For them, I’m committed to reading them (and re-reading to make sure I got that plot twist right). I’m also a sucker for good historical fiction and the detail in those books gets lost in the audio format.

Before I got my Kindle, I’d tear out book reviews to remember to go buy the book or beg friends to bring in copies of good reads so I could finally get up to speed on what everyone was talking about. Now when I hear about a book that I’ve just got to read – usually the latest one Entertainment Weekly says I need to check out –  I add it to my wish list immediately (which you can do on the app on your phone too if your Kindle isn’t around).

If there’s a bookworm on your gift list, the Kindle Paperwhite makes a solid gift. It’s not going to break the bank ($120) and it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving which is key when I’m hunting for a good gift. Plus, that quick shipping is always so clutch.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * Holiday Gifts (4) Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * Holiday Gifts (2)Amazon Kindle Paperwhite * Holiday Gifts (1)

Disclosure: Big thanks to Amazon for upgrading my old Kindle with a new Paperwhite and for sponsoring this post.

Photos by Whitney Neal.

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