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May 11, 2017

It’s been a while since I just shared some random stuff I’m loving. Usually, it’s shopping related but today I figured I’d mix it up with a little bit of everything – from TV to beauty products to sneakers (of course). Basically, it’s a lot of stuff I’ve been meaning to share but all the hats and dresses got in the way.

I’m thinking of making these a regular feature around here, so I’d love to know if you like it or want more of anything in particular (television, kids stuff, interiors). I also have a lot of friends who are newly pregnant so I was thinking of doing a new mom one – let me know what you’re looking to see more of and I’ll hop to it!

* PIXI Beauty Glow Mist Set *

Okay, so this isn’t a totally new one since I’ve already waxed poetic about my love for the Glow Mist and Milky Mist. But I recently Pixi sent me a new set and I may or may not have squealed out loud when I opened the box to see two of my favorites along with a couple new versions to try. This set included the new Vitamin Wake Up Mist and the Makeup Fixing Mist.  Man oh man, I love both.

I use the Vitamin Wake Up Mist first thing in the morning instead of splashing my face with water. No lie, it is my skin hangover cure. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose face feels tight and dehydrated after a big night out (*cough * derby * cough * ). Of course, drinking water would be a big help but this feels like the skin version of chugging a glass of water.  The Makeup Fixing Mix  is a makeup setting spray. It helps prolongs makeup wear and keeps everything from smudging and wilting in the weather. It’s coming in especially clutch as temperatures increase.

Basically, whatever mist Pixi comes up with, I will probably love. Not really even sure why, I just really like it all. Plus, you can get it at Target.

* Pastel Sneakers *
You guys know I love sneakers. LOVE THEM. On one of my regular sneaker shopping black holes, I stumbled on these pastel Adidas Gazelles and I can’t quit them. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet (mostly because I can’t decide if I like the pink or the mint better) but I keep coming back to them. Let me know your favorite.

* Master of None *

If you didn’t watch the first season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series Master of None, binge it now. Season two comes out tomorrow and I can’t wait for a Sunday night binge session. This may be a horrible description but it’s kind of like Seinfeld and Girls had a hilarious, quick witted but less awkward and naked baby. Again, that’s a horrible description but go with it.

Most important part, it’s funny. I will say you probably need to give it a couple episodes to really get into it (they kind of just spring the characters on you, so it takes a little while to figure out who everyone is) but it’s worth it. It’s also one of the few comedies that Drew and I both like and watch together (Silicon Valley is another one – need to catch up on it too this weekend).

* These adorable Old Navy Sandals *

Old Navy’s toddler shoe game is strong right now. I just ordered Reese like four (maybe five… I can’t remember) new pairs of shoes from there. And as I put every single pair in my shopping cart, I wished they made the same pair in adult sizes. These espadrilles – I can’t. Just look at the options below and tell me you don’t want every pair in your size … but at the toddler price.


Up until a year or so ago, I hadn’t watched Survivor in YEARS, possibly a decade. Man oh man am I happy I got back into it. It started out as a fun show that D3 and I could watch together (now that The Bachelor is a little too much for him) but has grown into a full-fledged obsession. If you loved MTV’s The Challenge back in the day (or now, it’s still on), you need to watch.

It’s the perfect mix of reality-tv drama and competition. I freaking love it. This season has been noteworthy for the very public and incredibly shocking outing of one of the cast members, Zeke, who is transgendered. And while Zeke has been unfortunately voted off (he is a favorite in our house), we are still fully committed as they head into the final couple weeks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find out a lot of friends are watching again and if you’re one of them – text me, leave a comment, email me, send a smoke signal. Let’s discuss.

* Katie Kime Pillows *

After spotting this Horse Tassel dress at Dress & Dwell, I immediately fell in love with Katie Kime’s style. After spending more time than I’d like to admit on her website, I’m now obsessed with all her prints. These bright printed pillows are the easiest way to punch up your living room for summer. The watermelon one is, by far, my favorite and may be making an appearance in my house soon.

* Blue Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches *

Ya’ll, this is NOT SPONSORED in any way but if Blue Bunny sees this and wants to send a million and one of these mini ice cream sandwiches my way, I wouldn’t be mad. It’s no secret that I LOATHE going to the grocery store (clicklist for the win) but I had to go in the other day and I am so glad I did because I discovered these magical little treats.

They have a golden cookie and chocolate cookie side plus delicious ice cream in the middle and they are small enough where you don’t feel like a giant pig scarfing one down. They come in this bag, all individually wrapped and ready to go. Man, I love ’em. Next time you’re at the grocery, go find them.

* IT Cosmetics Brow Pencil *

This brow pencil is the deal. The color is spot on. The texture is perfect and it fills in without looking like that one relative we all have with the drawn on brows. Plus, it lasts forever. I’ve had the same one for almost a year and it’s still kicking, making it well-worth the $24. Go get ya one.

* J.Crew Tassel Earrings *

J.Crew’s earrings the past year or so have been on point. I’ve picked up at least four pairs in the last year and haven’t regretted a single one (I’ve been known to regret an earring purchase or two).

The latest ones to catch my eye are these tassel pretties in this bold blue – so perfect for summer. They also come in white and a really pretty teal. And if these aren’t your style, there are a ton of other really fun options on their site right now. These are the easiest way to dress up an otherwise simple outfit and they make a summer sundress pop. Rather than shell out for a bunch of tops, just grab a pair of these and it’ll up your summer outfit game.

And they’re on sale right now!


Images: Survivor image via CBS; Master of None poster via Netflix 

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