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Are Good American Jeans the Best Jeans Ever? Quite Possibly.

Aug 22, 2019

You guys, I didn’t want to love these jeans. I went in a skeptic, someone not sold on the Kardashian Midas touch. I figured  there’s no way the Good American jeans could live up to the hype.  could be that great.

You guys, I was wrong. Dead wrong. They were WAY better than I expected. That Khloe Kardashian knows what’s up and these may be the best jeans I’ve ever owned. Okay that may be going a little far but honestly, they are right up there with my favorite Madewell jeans.

And I consider myself somewhat of a mid-level denim connoisseur.  My budget keeps me away from the super premium brands but there are very few brands under $200 that I’ve yet to try (I mean, I’m always up for the challenge though, so send me your faves). There are probably no less than 40 pairs in my closet right now (yes, i know that’s absurd) but I wear jeans almost every day. So I have fancy jeans, casual jeans, boyfriend jeans, flared jeans (my favorite), black jeans, white jeans… I am like the Bubba from Forrest Gump of jeans.

So yeah, I came at this fit test from a somewhat experienced perspective and I was blown away.

Good American Jeans

The Good American Difference

Okay before going any farther, I want to make it clear this post is 100% not sponsored. I know it’s going to sound like it is because I am talking about these jeans like they’re the Holy Grail. But you know, they may be the Holy Grail of denim.

Anyways… I’ve been on the hunt for a true blue pair, simple pair of denim for a while. Not too dark, not too light. No holes or distressing. Just a good pair of every day jeans. This pair fit all the criteria.

I added them to the dressing room at Evereve with a few other pairs (from other brands), not expecting much from these. When I put them on, I was immediately sold. The first thing I noticed was how slimming they are on the hips. It’s like they pull everything up and in, giving you that Kardashian-esque hourglass shape, without any of the waist training or revenge body workouts. Fit tip: I would recommend sizing down though because they do stretch out a little with wear. I wish I had gone down one size instead of buying my true size.

They fit well without being too tight on your legs/hips and they pull in your tummy area without making you feel like you can’t breathe or sit-down. This pair has that ‘just-right’ mid-rise that’s up to your boobs but also won’t have you readjusting and pulling up the band every time you stand up or sit down. You guys, there’s not much to say other than that they are great jeans.

No for real, really great jeans.

Jeans and a White Tee | Cute Casual Outfit Ideas

Leopard Ballet Flats

Good American ‘Good Legs’ Jeans in Blue899 from Evereve (Size Down)

AU Rate Circle Necklace c/o | White Tee  – similar here
(Honestly, it was a sample that I kept when we were deciding what to print our Lemonade t-shirts on)
Corso Como Leopard Flats (fit TTS) | Clare V. Tote

White Tee Shirt and Skinny Jeans | Easy Casual Outfit Ideas

It’s worth noting too that I am super impressed with the mission and culture of the brand. All of the products are made in America with the real woman in mind. That means they carry a wide selection of sizes, from a 00 to a size 24, and feature women of all shapes, sizes, colors. They also show the styles on a few different sizes so when you’re shopping, you can see what they look like on a variety of bodies – not just a 5′ 10″ size 0 model.

Good news for any of you expecting, they also carry maternity styles. Gah, I wish I had a pair of these when I was pregnant.

I love the jeans so much, I’m tempted to try out some of their other apparel and activewear too… but going to take baby steps there. I am already eyeing a black pair for fall, so I think that will be my next purchase.

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  1. Jodie says:

    That Khloe was always the best of the Kardashian clan. I need to try now!

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