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Kick It Off! Who’s Ready for Football Season?

Aug 30, 2018

Today’s post is one I am very excited about for a couple reasons. 1. It means college football is just days, or really, hours away (insert shrieks of delight here) and 2. It’s the start of a year-long partnership I’m kicking off with Louisville Athletics.

This has been in the works for months so I’m pumped to finally get to share it all with you guys. Now, you might be scratching your head a little here and saying, “Danielle, aren’t you a Kentucky fan?” Okay, so here’s the deal. Yes, I went to Kentucky and yes, I root for the boys in blue but I’m not of the breed that thinks that you have to be exclusive to one or the other, which I know is out of the norm around here. But I didn’t grow up in Kentucky. I don’t have the kind of rival animosity that comes when you have to battle it out about who’s better all the time.

So when I married a man who’s Kentucky diploma is in a black frame with a red matte, I knew I was going to have to tag along to some Louisville games. Actually, one of of our very first dates was to a Louisville basketball game, so I’ve been in it from the beginning.

Since then, some of our best trips and favorite memories have been around Cards games. The 2012 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans was one of the best {very-extended} weekends ever although I think I still need a break from Bourbon Street after all the fun that was had that weekend. When UofL played in the 2013 championship, we packed up that morning on a whim and drove down to Atlanta to watch the game. I told Drew he’d regret it all his life if we didn’t go because we thought we were “too busy” at work. And now, I’m really committed since D3 is about as hardcore as it comes with his fandom.

All of that is to say that this isn’t just something I’m doing for the blog, although that part is really fun, it’s something that is going to be a lot of fun for my family. I have never had a project that my two biggest (constructive) critics – the two Drew’s – were all in on. I think Drew thinks this blogging thing is legit now that we get to do something he’s so jazzed about. It was one of the first projects I’ve had where I got off the phone and couldn’t wait to tell them about. And now I’m equally excited to get to start sharing it all with you guys. But I wanted to be totally authentic and open with you all too.

If you followed me last football season, you know my emotions run high whether I’m cheering for the Cards alongside Drew or having solo freak-outs watching my Miami Hurricanes (it can get aggressive) or going through a whole range of highs and lows keeping up with the Cats. All of that will still be there but you’ll be seeing a lot more behind-the-scenes content from Louisville as well as some fun sneak peeks of new products, tailgate ideas and of course, lots of game day outfit inspiration.

First up though, we’re on our way to Orlando (as I type this) for the Kickoff Weekend game against Alabama. This is my first entirely kid-free weekend in, what feels like, forever so I have been counting down for months. We convinced a couple friend’s to come with so we’re planning to do it up big… including riding roller coasters until we drop at Universal Studios.

Make sure you follow along on Instagram for all the fun and I’ll be sure to share a round-up next week.

Before the trip, I stopped into Cardinal Authentic (it’s at Cardinal Stadium) to grab some new gear (anyone who knows Drew knows he is thee kind og new gear). While I was there, I picked up a couple things for both Drews. I didn’t intentionally leave out the girls, but the tees I wanted to get them were out of stock in their size.

Kenny, the store manager, gave me the low-down on what was exclusive to their store which includes these fighting Cardinal bird tees (I got one for Drew but promise to NEVER wear it at the same time) along with a few polos (the American flag one almost came home with us), hats and a bunch of other tailgaiting essentials like coolers and corn-hole boards. I almost grabbed one of the smaller tote-style coolers because I feel like we’re always lugging our beers and snacks to different tailgates (anyone want to get us a parking pass?!).

Anyways, you should definitely stop by before next week’s home opener to stock up. No matter who you’re rooting for this weekend, make sure to break out your college colors tomorrow for College Colors Day. Basically it’s just the perfect excuse to break out the gear and talk football instead of work.

Happy Football Season friends!

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