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Derby Dress of the Day: For the Jockey Club Suites

Mar 27, 2018

Did you all think I forgot about these? I’m a little behind on getting these going since I know you all are probably already hunting for Derby week looks, but better late than never is basically my life motto so here we are.

I may not be able to post one of these every day but I will definitely do my best to get up 3 – 4 a week. And as always, if you’ve got tickets for a specific day – Thurby or Oaks – or are going to a specific section – 3rd Floor Clubhouse, Turf Club – and have no idea what to wear, feel free to drop me an email – – and I’ll put one of these together for you (as well as probably send you a million and one options via email).

Talking Derby would be my full-time job if there was enough interest (apparently people aren’t that into it in September) so I gotta get my fill now.

Shop the Look: 

The Jockey Club Suites are pretty swanky albeit a little far from all the main action. Located on the far left side of the track, you’re up in your own little world filled with the who’s who and movers and shakers who aren’t as concerned with the ‘see and be seen’ atmosphere of Millionaire’s Row and the Turf Club.

You have your own room and box with a bar, snacks and a balcony to take in all the action. You’re likely to run into some famous faces though while on your way to the betting windows. If you’re heading to the Jockey Club Suites, take me with you. No really though, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of your purse or wearing sensible shoes since you’ve got your own space with ample seating room. You will want to dress to impress though.

This lace dress comes in a handful of colors and looks way fancier than its price tag suggests. Gives you the chance to save your funds to go all out on your hat or fascinator. Speaking of those, I’ve linked to some more standout options below. And when it comes to shoes, I like to pick a pair you can get lots of wear out of post-Derby. These Sam Edelman rose gold heels are fun enough to impress but not so bold that you’ll get tired of them.

Top it Off: 

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