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New Year’s Sparkle for Under $50

Dec 27, 2018

Did you guys have a great Christmas? Hopefully you got everything you wanted. I did pretty well. Thankfully Drew didn’t give me a printer again (yes, Drew got me a printer TWICE) and I got some good loot. My favorite being a gravity blanket, a Google Home Hub and this coat. My kids made out big time with enough presents to cover our house in glitter, slime and teeny, tiny parts for a year.

Anyways… does anyone else have a little bit of a Christmas hangover? Not the one with the bad headache and dry mouth (although I had a little of that too) but just being bummed out that Christmas is all over. Just like that. All the prep and present buying, decorating and baking, wrapping and planning – and it’s all done. I can’t help but being a little sad that it’s all over.

It didn’t help that our house looked like it was ransacked this morning. As I approached the living room, I debated turning around, hiding my head under the covers and pretending the mountain of wrapping paper was just an illusion. Since that wasn’t an option, I had a mild panic attack and then let my OCD cleaning habits kick in. Two hours and two trips to the dumpster later, it looked somewhat normal in our house. Fun fact: I get an odd sense of satisfaction and joy from taking piles of crap to the dumpster. Yeah, I already know I’m a weirdo.

But since it’s on to the next one, let’s talk New Year’s Eve. Still not sure we are going to make it out of the house #babysitterproblems but that doesn’t mean I won’t get all dressed up and pretend. This jumpsuit is NYE perfection. Even better, it’s 25% off now so it’s under $50. I hate spending a lot of money on stuff for occasions like New Year’s since you rarely wear them again (unless you’re going to Vegas soon), so this is a great option – festive for the frugal. I pulled together some other festive options below that I found on Amazon, ensuring you’re not spending much and still getting them on time. Oh and don’t forget to check out this post for all the details on Fourth Street Live’s big NYE ball drop. 

Also, big shoutout to Allie from Dry on the Fly for making my hair look fabulous for this shoot. Allie will come to your house and give you the blow out of your dreams. She can keep it simple or you can go full-glam. Great for New Year’s, a wedding, special event or if you just need a little beauty pick me up (aka me every day). Especially great for moms who have a hard time getting out of the house to pamper themselves. Give her a follow on Instagram and reach out if you ever need a blow out. p.s. – this is #notsponsored – Allie is a friend but I would share this either way cause it is making my hair dreams come true.

Dress & Dwell Mindy Gold Jumpsuit (25% off with code LWW25)
Gucci Belt (great dupe here) | Ann Taylor Mila Heel 
Lulu’s Black Cape (old, similar here)

NYE Options for Under $50 That Will Arrive by 12/31

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