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Is it Christmas yet?

This year has hit me hard. Too much stuff all at the same time. I had all these plans of having a slow week of work and taking off the second half of it, nope. We ended up picking up a big – and very exciting but also stressful – project so that is all out the window. Cue the anxiety stomach ache. Oh well, it will all be worth it when I turn on that “out of office” next week. It WILL be worth it, right?

That’s why things have been a little slower over here BUT I saw that this dress is back in stock so I just had to share it. It’s one of those dresses I just HAD to have when I saw it. It did not disappoint. Fits perfectly and is a compliment magnet. I guarantee if you wear it to your family Christmas party, even your Grandma or Aunt that’s always handy with a passive aggressive dig will be impressed. Louisville gals, you can order it online and pick it up in-store, no worrying about shipping or  that it will sell out before you get there.

I wish I could stay and chat but my mom gets in soon and so there’s everything that goes with that. Thankfully I already cleaned out the mountain of junk that was taking over our guest room. You know it’s time to clean out a room when you can barely wedge open the door to get in.

Oh and if the holidays are overwhelming you like they are me, I suggest reading this from last year that hopefully will give you a laugh or two.

Dress & Dwell Julia Lace Dress 
JOA Leopard Coat – old, similar here
Vince Camuto Velvet Heels  – Identical Here
J.Crew Velvet Clutch 

Don’t forget you can save 25% off your entire Dress & Dwell order with code LWW25.
You can order this dress and pick it up in store too with plenty of time to make it to holiday parties.


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    December 19, 2018

    That dress is stunning and you look gorgeous in it.