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Required Reading: C’mon Get Happy

Feb 1, 2014

Before changing the title of this post, the first four or five sentences were a series of complaints on the weather, work stress and a to-do list that I can’t seem to get a hold of but then I realized, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I mean we’re all busy and stressed (even if it’s from a bunch of fun stuff) and who wants to hear all about that on a Saturday. So today I’m channeling my inner Judy Garland (not the super sad pill addicted one, the young, jovial one) and singing ‘C’mon Get Happy‘ instead of the winter blues. And let’s be real, there is tons of stuff to get happy about, even if it is just two adorable bear cubs on a rope (so cute right?).

The Animal Print Shop

Image: The Animal Print Shop

* I’ve been obsessed with Sharon Montrose’s The Animal Print Shop since seeing it on Daily Candy a few years back but now I’m shopping for the perfect print for D3’s new room. I’m thinking Lion but maybe Elephant. I’m also considering throwing in a a smaller baby animal print for the new little lady’s room. Too many options, oh and Texas gals – you need this one.

* Lately I’ve been on a big Pinterest kick – food, clothes, art prints – I can’t get enough of it these days. There’s one “pinner” who’s selection of pretty things I find myself pinning and re-pinning again and again. Merritt Beck {The Style Scribe} has cultivated a collection of gorgeous goodies. Head on over and follow her. You won’t be disappointed.

* I’ve got two new TV obsessions: True Detective and Orange is the New Black. I know I’m late to the game on the latter but if you haven’t checked out True Detective yet, get your on demand going this weekend. Super intriguing, very intense and full of incredible acting. It’s mysterious in a very haunting way. I’m only two episodes in (there’s been three) but they last over an hour so they are like mini-movies. So good.

* My love for the Kentucky Wildcats knows no bounds (although I don’t want to talk about the team’s woes right now) and this new Anthony Davis commercial is just plain great. Even if you’re not a Cats (or Pelicans) fan, it’ll get you smiling.

* Love Beth’s {seersucker + saddles} red on red look this week. Perfect unconventional Valentine’s Day look.

* The polar vortex may have subsided for a few days but it’s still chilly out. Head over to Jessica’s {My Style Vita} and pick up this recipe for Bailey’s Vanilla Hot Chocolate. Looks amazing.

* And on the mama bear front, Shannon {GBO Fashion} and Kate {Modern Eve} have kept me from throwing in the towel until May.

That’s all for me. Who you rooting for in the Super Bowl? I’m rooting for the snacks – wings, dips, cheese dip and maybe a couple cookies. Sorry I’m not sorry.

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  1. Jessica says:

    The fiancé and I just binged watched Orange is the New Black… so addicting!
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