She Got it From Her Momma: Kathy Vey

I was really really excited with all the great feedback from last week’s first ‘She Got it From Her Momma’ post. The pictures have been coming in and it’s been way fun to see all of the throwback style. Thankfully, I’ve got enough of these to keep it going for at least the next month but I’m hoping to get enough to start doing two every Thursday – so if you want to show off your mom’s style, check out the details at the bottom of the post. Can’t wait to see what your mom was working with.

Today’s feature is another Kathy, this one is near and dear to me because it’s my bestie Kelly’s Mom. When I saw this, I immediately wanted to travel back into the 70’s to kick it on UK’s campus with Kathy (on the far left) and her friends. The jeans (you all know I love a good flare), the tan and THAT HAIR. I mean really, how gorgeous is that hair? It may be a little grainy but even with a touch of blur I still want to take this picture directly to my stylist to get that color.

I love that this is a candid picture and that they are having so much fun. Now if we can just get Kathy to spill the details on the gossip they were, most likely, discussing on the way back to the dorms.

70's style * throwback * vintage * flares
Here’s a look at Kathy still looking great now with two of her gorgeous daughters, Katie and Kelly.  Thanks so much for sending this in Kelly!

Ready to channel your inner 70’s hottie? Here are some options for bringing Kathy’s look to life.
I’d just wait until it warms up a little to rock it.

70's flare

Want to see your fabulous momma featured? Send me a pic with her name, when it was taken and a short description to – can’t wait to see what goodies you all dig up.

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